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H.M. Wentworth : Mr. Wentworth left for Spokane with a dream of an invitation from the Spokane Press Club.
H.M. Wentworth
A.B. Grace : Article reporting reappointment of licence commissioner.
A.B. Grace
SS Nelson : Newspaper excerpt from the Nelson Tribune - SS Nelson will be withdrawn as new schedule for Crow's
SS Nelson
St. Eugene Mine : Newspaper excerpt from the Phoenix Pioneer - telling of the purchase of St. Eugene mine for $7000 an
St. Eugene Mine
SS Moyie Holed : Steamer struck a reef during a storm of unusual violence and plugged two holes in her hull, but was
SS Moyie Holed
J.A. Harvey : The Fort Steele solicitor will be opening an office in Moyie.
J.A. Harvey
Chinese Racism : Article reporting on ongoing fight against the Chinamen of Moyie by the Miners' Union.
Chinese Racism
Fort Steele Notes : Reports from Fort Steele on comings and goings of local citizens. One report was Col. Sam Steele wa
Fort Steele Notes
St. Eugene Mine : St. Eugene mine will be reopening as it is thought that the railway company has made concessions.
St. Eugene Mine
St. Eugene Mine : Newspaper excerpt from Moyie Leader - reporting that the St. Eugene concentrator was closed down for
St. Eugene Mine
Hockey : Reporting on the upcoming hockey game between Moyie and Cranbrook.
Chinese Racism at Moyie : The movement against Chinese working in Moyie is working very satisfactory.
Chinese Racism at Moyie
Moyie News : Newspaper excerpt from Moyie Leader - reporting on the comings and goings of citizens in Moyie, also
Moyie News
Fort Steele Mining Division : The mining district of East Kootenay is now sub-divided into a Northern District and a Southern Dist
Fort Steele Mining Division
Fort Steele Mining : Reporting on the town of Cranbrook as future capital of S.E. Kootenay is nearing completion of surve
Fort Steele Mining
Railway Construction : Ongoing constuction of railway to and around Cranbrook. The Canadian-Alien law is being strictly en
Railway Construction
Business Survey : Newspaper article with excerpts from Commercial - a journal of commerce, industry and finance publis
Business Survey
Swansea Surveyed : Reporting on another new townsite being surveyed near Moyie Lake.
Swansea Surveyed
Presbyterian Church : Reporting marriage of a St. Eugene Mine employee to a lady from Leduc, Alberta.
Presbyterian Church
Potholes On Little Moyie : Reporting on peculiar phenomenon found in the hills by the Little Moyie.
Potholes On Little Moyie
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