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Death Notice : Body of missing man found near town.
Death Notice
Soft Drinks Bottled : Scott Fruit bottling soft drinks in all popular flavours, hiring only local employees.
Soft Drinks Bottled
Cranbrook Cemetery : Anglican section of cemetery has grey marble slab inlaid with wood marking grave of pioneer that die
Cranbrook Cemetery
Chinese Boxer : New York Morning Journal has discovered a new pugilistic champion in a Chinaman, originally from the
Chinese Boxer
Womens Auxilliary By-Laws : Cranbrook Women's Auxilliary to the Great War Veterans Association adopted by-laws for how the organ
Womens Auxilliary By-Laws
European Plan : Cranbrook Hotel will be run on European plan with afternoon tea-rooms.
European Plan
Tea Cabaret : Article urging citizens to attend Cranbrook Hotel tea rooms with music, dancing and stunts with bene
Tea Cabaret
Project Society : Newspaper article Z-shaped heated outdoor pool design approved with a second phase that will be a sm
Project Society
Knox Church Ladies Auxiliary : Knox Church Ladies' Auxiliary held annual meeting to elect new officers for the following year.
Knox Church Ladies Auxiliary
Kootenay Play-Offs At Trail : East and West Kootenay play-offs in provincial hockey title series to be held in Trail.
Kootenay Play-Offs At Trail
Cranbrook Policing : Provincial Police to begin in East Kootenays March 1st, with Cranbrook being their headquarters.
Cranbrook Policing
Cranbrook Policing : Since Cranbrook became a city in 1905 it was policed by City Police but since March 1 Provincial Pol
Cranbrook Policing
Hate Letter : Letter to the editor from England remarking how Chinese in Canada never become citizens and lower wa
Hate Letter
Babylon Mine : While tunneling for ore body at Babylon Mine, an unexpected vein was uncovered which looks to yield
Babylon Mine
East Kootenay Estimates : Victoria legislature presented with estimates for current year for upgrades and wages in East Kooten
East Kootenay Estimates
Lewis, Lewis Arthur, Fanny & Winnifred Irene Willicome
Lewis, Lewis Arthur, Fanny & Winnifred Irene Willicome
John and Leslie Phillips
John and Leslie Phillips
Lewis Owen & Nellie Davies Owen
Lewis Owen & Nellie Davies Owen
Fanny (Lyle) Willicome
Fanny (Lyle) Willicome
A. E. Watts : Liverpool man who spent last year in Fort Steele district will be coming back to area with syndicate
A. E. Watts
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