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Cranbrook Notes : Comings and goings of residents and visitors in Cranbrook.
Cranbrook Notes
Crows Nest Construction : Crows Nest Pass Chief of Construction satisfied with the progress of work being done in Cranbrook an
Crows Nest Construction
Elko Booming : Newspaper advertisement - prices on business and residence lots at what is to be the "New Townsite o
Elko Booming
J. Hutchison : Real estate and mining broker hustling the mineral resources surrounding Cranbrook throughout Canada
J. Hutchison
Hilliard Blacksmith Ad : Horseshoeing, mining work, wagon wood-work and general repairing done at Cranbrook blacksmith.
Hilliard Blacksmith Ad
Cranbrook Notes : Newspaper editorial notes once railroad is complete hundred of thousands of dollars will be invested
Cranbrook Notes
A. H. Raynolds : Cranbrook mining broker with 22 years experience.
A. H. Raynolds
The Silvertonian : Editorial notes The Silvertonian says they are the only real mining paper published on the lake, wha
The Silvertonian
A. H. Raynolds : With 22 years banking and mining experience, prospectors outfitted for non residents.
A. H. Raynolds
Sullivan Mine : Sullivan Mine in Kimberley finds great strike of ore with high assay values.
Sullivan Mine
Mining : All thoughts in Cranbrook are in the direction of mining.
Kimberley Lot Sale : Government owned lots in Kimberley Townsite offered for sale by public auction.
Kimberley Lot Sale
Mining Discrimination : Mine owner J. Robertson only hires english-speaking workmen in his mine.
Mining Discrimination
Owner Avarice : Reports of alien mine-owner importing alien labour so he can more rapidly absorb the mineral wealth
Owner Avarice
Chinese Discrimination : Newspaper excerpt Los Angeles Mining Review - talking about the deluge of Chinese and Manchurian peo
Chinese Discrimination
Wild Horse Gold : Wild Horse placer mines being worked.
Wild Horse Gold
Chinese Exclusion : Mr. Dunsmuirs claim to have no Chinese in his mines wasn't only a political ploy, he is actively doi
Chinese Exclusion
Cranbrook Rotary Discuss Oil Well : Cranbook will develop with the introdution of gas piped into the city from a well being drilled at D
Cranbrook Rotary Discuss Oil Well
W.J. Langley Dies : Former Fort Steele and Moyie miner dies of heart failure in California.
W.J. Langley Dies
Crowe Book : Former Moyie boy now an author of a well written book on mining laws.
Crowe Book
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