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Seen As Important : Telegram received from Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works agreeing to grant money for wagon road
Seen As Important
Credit Due : Newspaper letter to editor - stating credit given to George Alexander should have been given to the
Credit Due
Climbing Mount Fisher : Fisher Peak scaled by amateur climbers using easiest way but still took 10 hours.
Climbing Mount Fisher
Cranbrook Parade
Cranbrook Parade
Hilliard Blacksmith Ad : Horseshoeing, mining work, wagon wood-work and general repairing done at Cranbrook blacksmith.
Hilliard Blacksmith Ad
Wardner Notes : Comings and goings of residents and visitors of Wardner, as well as another commission of inquiry ov
Wardner Notes
Elephant Rampage : 14 elephants stampede through Edmonton, all because of a yapping little dog.
Elephant Rampage
Fort Steele Bridge : Assistant commissionr of lands and works reports work on government bridge at Fort Steele is nearing
Fort Steele Bridge
Kootenay Valley Company : 20,000 acres of select lands in Kootenay Valley for sale at from $3 to $10 per acre.
Kootenay Valley Company
A.G. Wilmot Ad : A.G. Wilmot of Jaffray wanting a quick sale of furniture and household effects.
A.G. Wilmot Ad
Hugh Weir Funeral
Hugh Weir Funeral
Moyie Daredevil
Moyie Daredevil
Perry Creek Hotel : Wagon load of provisions and furniture left Cranbrook for new hotel opening in Old Town.
Perry Creek Hotel
City Council Report : Cranbrook City Council monthly meeting proved to be a lengthy session dealing with continuing freezi
City Council Report
Skookumchuck Autoists : Comings and goings of Skookumchuck residents and guest by train, automobile, speeder and horse and w
Skookumchuck Autoists
Successful Lobbying : Transporting ore to river.
Successful Lobbying
Kaslo News : Newspaper
Kaslo News
Sanca Townsite : Newspaper
Sanca Townsite
Bicycle In Kaslo : Newspaper
Bicycle In Kaslo
Kaslo Notes : Notes on the development of Kaslo and roads connecting.
Kaslo Notes
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