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Lumbering : Article reporting what an important industry lumbering is in the Southeast Kootenay.
CNP Lumber : Another shift being added to CNP Lumber Co. mill to run night and day.
CNP Lumber
Cranbrook Garbage : Reporting the arrest of employee at scavenger company for dumping the town garbage into the creek ab
Cranbrook Garbage
Perry Creek : Reporting on establishing of mill, railroad and lumbering plant on Perry Creek.
Perry Creek
Quong : Quong, an interesting character in Wasa, has taken a layoff to make a trip to China.
Lumber Industry : Reporting on constantly increasing demand upon Kootenay mills due to rapid growth in home markets in
Lumber Industry
Breckenridge : Article reporting on lumber scales from camps near Fort Steele was at the Imperial.
Smelter : Proposed new smelter that may be erected at Elk River.
Little Bull River : Reporting the sale of ranch property by man who purchased other tracts of land. It is being said th
Little Bull River
Lumbering : Article reporting on the profitable business lumbering has become.
Cranbrook Girl : Newspaper article with excerpt from Moyie Leader - reporting on a very bashful girl from Cranbrook.
Cranbrook Girl
Elko : Newspaper article reporting on a railway and smelter centre in Elko.
Fernie Lumbering : Reporting on the installation of a planing and manufacturing plant at Fernie.
Fernie Lumbering
Kootenay Central Railway : Article reporting the immediate construction of the Kootenay Central railway.
Kootenay Central Railway
Lunber Industry : Reporting on the shortage of railcars for lumber, with demand constantly increasing.
Lunber Industry
Perry Creek Pipe : Reporting on the late arrival of steel pipe for the Perry Creek Hydraulic Co.
Perry Creek Pipe
Perry Creek News : Reporting that the plans for opening up the logging and lumbering enterprise on Perry Creek are maki
Perry Creek News
Log Drive : Logs being entered into the St. Mary's River ready for driving.
Log Drive
Log Drive : Reporting heavy explosions of dynamite in St. Mary's direction in preparation of log drive.
Log Drive
Lumbering : Reporting the increase in the demand for lumber.
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