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Taylor & Hossell : Cranbrook Indoor Miniature Golf Course opening after experiencing delays.
Taylor & Hossell
Annual - Cranbrook Hotel : Relating the history of the Cranbrook Hotel from probably the first stick of lumber used in building
Annual - Cranbrook Hotel
Cranbrook Hotel : Cranbrook Hotel where comfort is a specialty and connected to good stabling.
Cranbrook Hotel
Wentworth Hotel : Cranbrooks' Wentworth Hotel - the hotel they talk about.
Wentworth Hotel
New Addition : Praise and compliments are being given to proprietors of Cranbrook Hotel's new addition.
New Addition
Interior Description : Cranbrook Hotel's new office, writing room and dining room are described as how they will be finishe
Interior Description
Wentworth Hotel : Wentworth hotel deemed the house where you feel at home, with dining room open day and night.
Wentworth Hotel
Renovations : Proprietors of Cranbrooks' Hotel Byng completely renovated the hostelry and it is now more homey and
Ottawa House Ad : Newspaper advertisement
Ottawa House Ad
Hotel Notes : Changes in hotel management and structures.
Hotel Notes
Trail Merchants : Businesses growing and changing.
Trail Merchants
Theatres-Photographers (Russell) : Theatres-Photographers (Russell)
Theatres-Photographers (Russell)
Byng Hotel Ad
Byng Hotel Ad
St. Eugene Hospital : Reporting on young lady just released from St. Eugene's hospital after a bout of measles.
St. Eugene Hospital
King, Malcolm B. : Brother of Dr. King purchase business from pioneer store owner.
King, Malcolm B.
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