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Empire Day Celebrations : Report on the celebration for Empire Day to be held in Moyie.
Empire Day Celebrations
Lawyer Visits Moyie : Reporting on the visit to Moyie by one of the ablest barristers in British Columbia.
Lawyer Visits Moyie
Machinery Shipped : Reporting on the readiness of sawmills in Moyie, in preparation of spring breakup.
Machinery Shipped
Moyie Miners Union : The election of new officers in the Western Federation of Miners.
Moyie Miners Union
Police Business : On arrest of runaway couple from Blairmore after her husband telegrammed ahead to report their arriv
Police Business
St. Eugene Mine : Lay off of men at Moyie mine, even though mine surpassed previous records of concentrates.
St. Eugene Mine
Stone The Barber : Stone, the barber, has taken charge of the dining room on the hill.
Stone The Barber
Waterworks : Newspaper article reporting on the contract for the building of a dam for the Moyie waterworks.
Cranbrook & Bull River Contest : The results of lawn bowling match between Cranbrook and Bull River. Cranbrook wins and is now being
Cranbrook & Bull River Contest
Cranbrook Girl : Newspaper article with excerpt from Moyie Leader - reporting on a very bashful girl from Cranbrook.
Cranbrook Girl
Lumbering Basic Industry : Lumbering continues as main basic industry in East Kootenay. Detailing the industry from the beginn
Lumbering Basic Industry
Aldridge Church Camp : Reporting the proposed establishments of a boys summer camp and a girls summer camp, sponsored by lo
Aldridge Church Camp
Edwards Remembers 1885 : An interesting outlook on progress in our area over the last 14 years by one of the first settlers i
Edwards Remembers 1885
Government Offices : Article reporting that the government should move the government offices to towns that have grown up
Government Offices
Ammonia Lake : Another person, local indian, knows location of the ammonia lake and is willing to take anyone there
Ammonia Lake
Telephone Service : Arrival of telephone company employee for the express purpose of rewiring old plant and possible ext
Telephone Service
Politics : Reporting on the forming of a Central Liberal Organization for the Cranbrook district.
Reverend Holford : Arrival of Rev. Holford, who will organize church work of the Baptist denomination from Fernie to Mo
Reverend Holford
Chinese Question : Newspaper article reporting more Chinamen leaving Moyie, hence Cranbrook's Chinese population is eve
Chinese Question
Brickyards : Article reporting two carloads of brick shipped to mine at Moyie.
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