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Local Colour : Newspaper article in form of a letter playing on Chinese New Year celebrations.
Local Colour
Local Colour : Newspaper article in form of a letter telling friend of chinese cigars clearing evils out of body an
Local Colour
Local Color : Newspaper article in form of a letter describing shantytowns of immigrants throught Nelson.
Local Color
Local Colour : Newspaper article in form of letter against Japanese and Chinese working in eating houses.
Local Colour
Lively Session Of Council : Last council session before elections of new year of councillors. Proves to be a lively session, wit
Lively Session Of Council
Joe Jackson Argument : Minority alderman resigns after council meeting infuriates him over $250.00 bill.
Joe Jackson Argument
Cranbrook - Police : Former Cranbrook Mayor makes statement regarding preliminaries leading up to his and three aldermens
Cranbrook - Police
Change To Provincial Police : Returning to their seats after resigning, Mayor and Aldermen vote 5 to 2 in favor of turning Cranbro
Change To Provincial Police
Hate Letter : Letter to the editor from England remarking how Chinese in Canada never become citizens and lower wa
Hate Letter
A. E. Watts : Liverpool man who spent last year in Fort Steele district will be coming back to area with syndicate
A. E. Watts
Cranbrook Schools : Meeting of Cranbrook School Trustees with teachers salaries and other bills presented and paid, as w
Cranbrook Schools
Cranbrook Athletic Association : Newspaper letter to the editor - local resident asking for a meeting with Cranbrook City Council ove
Cranbrook Athletic Association
City Council : Cranbrook City Council meeting with City Engineers' reports on utility and services, ongoing upgrade
City Council
Watts Letter : Newspaper letter to the editor - challenging Reverend Keyworth to meet Mr. Watts at a public platfor
Watts Letter
Fosmo War Letter : Copy of letter received by resident in Cranbrook from soldier fighting in France.
Fosmo War Letter
War Letter : Letter from soldier at the front describing uncertainty of life in war.
War Letter
War Letter : Letter from soldier to his mother describing how there is no rest along the front no matter what the
War Letter
War Letter : Letter from Major Reverend Canon Shatford to Senator Foster asking conditions of things politically
War Letter
War Letter : Letter from army to Mrs. Bidder of Cranbrook, informing her of the death of her son.
War Letter
Air Force : Telegram received by Dr. Green of Cranbrook asking for men of certain trades to apply for the Royal
Air Force
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