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Climbing Mount Fisher : Fisher Peak scaled by amateur climbers using easiest way but still took 10 hours.
Climbing Mount Fisher
Kettle River Gold : Reports of rich strike of placer gold on Kettle Creek.
Kettle River Gold
Kaslo Chinese : A dozen Chinese arrived in Kaslo to work at placer mining on Kaslo creek.
Kaslo Chinese
Kaslo Miners : Three Italians own six claims on Kaslo creek, with assessment work on four of them completed.
Kaslo Miners
Slocan Mines : Sixteen men working at Slocan Mine, one being a Chinese cook which is a rarity in area.
Slocan Mines
Miners Against Chinese : Election for provincial parliament must include people whose first duty is for the mining section of
Miners Against Chinese
Chinese Question : C.P.R. forcing communities to accept Chinese cheap labor as they continue to employ them on their st
Chinese Question
Babylon Mine : While tunneling for ore body at Babylon Mine, an unexpected vein was uncovered which looks to yield
Babylon Mine
Cranbrook Divisional Headquarters : Cranbrook to be the largest and best town in East Kootenay due to Crow's Nest Pass Railroads decisio
Cranbrook Divisional Headquarters
East Kootenay Estimates : Victoria legislature presented with estimates for current year for upgrades and wages in East Kooten
East Kootenay Estimates
Official Directory : Official directory for Southern East Kootenay, Dominion Cabinet Ministers and Provincial Government
Official Directory
Free Miner : Rights and regulations of Free Miners under the mining laws of British Columbia.
Free Miner
Raynolds & Geddes : Two gentlemen from state of Ohio in Cranbrook to establish themselves in business, with more Ohioans
Raynolds & Geddes
War Eagle Mine : Newspaper excerpt Vancouver World - contracts for new machinery for War Eagle mine have closed, mine
War Eagle Mine
Crows Nest Construction : Newspaper excerpt Kaslo Kootenaian - Rossland board of trade approached C.P.R. officials about propo
Crows Nest Construction
Last Chance Mine : Newspaper excerpt Nelson Tribune - group of claims near Kuskanook yields high quality ore showing go
Last Chance Mine
McBean : Newspaper excerpt Wardner International - McBean claims Sand Creek district to show development in t
North Star Mine : Newspaper excerpt Spokane Chronicle - one of the largest mining deals to date in negotiation at Fort
North Star Mine
A. E. Watts : Liverpool man who spent last year in Fort Steele district will be coming back to area with syndicate
A. E. Watts
Cranbrook and C.P.R. : Land Commissioner of C.P.R returns to Cranbrook after a couple months away and was surprised at grea
Cranbrook and C.P.R.
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