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Sullivan Mine : One of the most interesting ore samples taken from the lower workings of the Sullivan Mine.
Sullivan Mine
The Sullivan Mine : A newspaper report stating that the new Superintendent of the Sullivan Mine, C.W.Burdsell, had initi
The Sullivan Mine
Federal Election Results : Printing the results of election, with Windermere candidate receiving no votes from own home town.
Federal Election Results
Kimberley-Windermere Road : Newspaper article reporting on construction that may take place on the Kimberley-Windermere road con
Kimberley-Windermere Road
KBM Concentrator at Wild Horse : New mill of Kootenay Base Metals soon ready for test run.
KBM Concentrator at Wild Horse
Bank of Commerce : Convention being held in town for heads of Bank of Commerce branches in the Kootenays.
Bank of Commerce
Sullivan Mine : Reporting on the first wagon load of ore being shipped from the Sullivan Mine, with the whole town c
Sullivan Mine
New Gold Fields Syndicate : A syndicate from London, England has secured a bond on groups of mines on Sullivan hill.
New Gold Fields Syndicate
Kimberley Notes : Reporting on lastest Kimberley news, including ongoing shipments from the Sullivan mine with anticip
Kimberley Notes
John Reid : Obituary of long time resident and businessman from Fort Steele, Cranbrook and Kimberley.
John Reid
Sullivan Mine : Sullivan Mine in Kimberley finds great strike of ore with high assay values.
Sullivan Mine
Mining : All thoughts in Cranbrook are in the direction of mining.
Review of Progress : Review of Cranbrook and district's progress during 1911 and outlook for 1912.
Review of Progress
International President Visits : Cranbrook and Kimberley Gyro Clubs hold most successful function in the history of their club in hon
International President Visits
Smelter : Sullivan mine news.
Boosting Marysville : An article charting Marysville's economy and industrial base.
Boosting Marysville
Ridpath : Newspaper
Marysville Smelter : Smelter and lead refinery promised to Marysville.
Marysville Smelter
Marysville Smelter : Newspaper excerpt Western Mining World
Marysville Smelter
Marysville Smelter : Moving towards blowing smelter in.
Marysville Smelter
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