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Corbin Strike : Corbin strike sends 42 people to hospital, with one constable slugged with a hammer who may die.
Corbin Strike
Corbin Strikers Convicted : 9 strikers get imprisonment after clash with police.
Corbin Strikers Convicted
Pioneer Chinese : Recognizing 3 chinese men still in the area who were pioneers from Gold Rush time.
Pioneer Chinese
Lost Lemon Story : Shedding new light on Lost Lemon gold digging, indicating claim never existed and Lemon murdered his
Lost Lemon Story
Business Section Fire : After five years without a fire of consequence the city of Cranbrook lost seven places in the busine
Business Section Fire
Mining Deaths : Two fatal accidents at Michel occured in one week, both men were buried by rock and slack.
Mining Deaths
Moyie Mining Claims : Spokane native in Cranbrook to check out some mining claims south of Moyie.
Moyie Mining Claims
R.A. Smith of Moyie : Postmaster, leading merchant and general factotum of Moyie visits Cranbrook.
R.A. Smith of Moyie
Chinese Miners : Two Chinamen returned to Victoria from mining the Cassiar district and produced drafts of $40,000.
Chinese Miners
Golden Mining & Smelting : Mining and smelting company will buy all classes of gold, silver and lead ores.
Golden Mining & Smelting
Potential of East Kootenay : Newspaper excerpt Vancouver World - describing the rich mining and farming available in East Kootena
Potential of East Kootenay
Bolton (Swansea) Rep Coming : The Boltons of England (known for copper smelters) sending out an expert to look at some mining prop
Bolton (Swansea) Rep Coming
Walter Tannhauser : Obituary of long time Fort Steele resident, death due to blood poisoning from a scratch on his thumb
Walter Tannhauser
Percy Adams New Chief : Ex chief of the city police named as new fire chief for city fire department.
Percy Adams New Chief
Paradise History : Newspaper excerpt Vancouver Province - relates history of Paradise Mine in Windermere District with
Paradise History
Leitch Sisters Reunion : Sisters reunited 41 years after being separated after Frank slide disaster killed their parents and
Leitch Sisters Reunion
Chinese Miners : Newspaper article certificate on competency required of each coal miner proving he is sufficiently c
Chinese Miners
First Coal Assays : Newspaper article coal deposits in Crow's Nest pass analysed in San Francisco proved to be valuable.
First Coal Assays
Economic Boycott Of Chinese : Newspaper article urging people of Kootenay Lake country to rid themselves of the Chinese by boycott
Economic Boycott Of Chinese
Hellman Plymouth Wrecked : Big snowslide comes down across road and takes residents car into river.
Hellman Plymouth Wrecked
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