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Steele House : Hotel in Fort Steele considered travellers headquarters with first class liquors and cigars and the
Steele House
Golden Townsite : Detailing Golden to be the leading railway and mining town in East Kootenay, owners of townsite are
Golden Townsite
Calgary Herald Comment : Newspaper excerpt from Calgary Herald - reporting on new publication of East Kootenay Miner, filled
Calgary Herald Comment
Fort Steele Mining : Reporting on the town of Cranbrook as future capital of S.E. Kootenay is nearing completion of surve
Fort Steele Mining
McNaught, Fort Steele : Reporting arrival of Fort Steele mining broker in Golden, and lists East Kootenay Mining Stock value
McNaught, Fort Steele
St. Eugene Mine : Newspaper excerpt from Mail & Empire in Toronto - reporting on a letter sent to a friend from a prie
St. Eugene Mine
Railway Construction : Ongoing constuction of railway to and around Cranbrook. The Canadian-Alien law is being strictly en
Railway Construction
Hamilton & Skelton Horses : Livery stable keepers having to increase number of horses to keep up with large increase in the mini
Hamilton & Skelton Horses
McDermots : Reporting on large supply of mining boots and scotch wool underwear arriving at local merchant.
The Prospector : A well-known mining man's views of the mining industry over a years time, how a prospector a year ag
The Prospector
Mining Development : Government agent arriving in the Golden and Windermere mining districts to inspect the different wag
Mining Development
C.N.P. Construction : Article about a chat reporter had with C.P.R. vice-president trying to confirm Golden as being made
C.N.P. Construction
Fort Steele Promotion : Spasmodic movement by Fort Steele to try promoting the town. Latest move will be a place for amusem
Fort Steele Promotion
Shareholders Meeting : Upcoming shareholders meeting of Fort Steele Mining Company with hopes that things can be resolved a
Shareholders Meeting
Mining Development : Mining activity continuing in the Upper Columbia valley, emphasizing the need for more development w
Mining Development
Golden & Fort Steele Development Company : Advertisement for shares in a development company managed by men in the Golden/Fort Steele areas, ow
Golden & Fort Steele Development Company
Business Survey : Newspaper article with excerpts from Commercial - a journal of commerce, industry and finance publis
Business Survey
Swansea Surveyed : Reporting on another new townsite being surveyed near Moyie Lake.
Swansea Surveyed
Prospector Moves To Cranbrook : Reporting on upcoming move of Fort Steele newspaper to Cranbrook as a rival to Herald.
Prospector Moves To Cranbrook
Cranbrook Promotion : Showing Cranbrook as the natural commercial, mining, lumbering and railway center of Southeast Koote
Cranbrook Promotion
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