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Jackson Block : Cranbrook Trading Company almost ready to move into nearly completed building with all the furnishin
Jackson Block
Post Office Repair : Cranbrook Post Office building gets general overhauling inside and outside, with carpenter repair wo
Post Office Repair
Jackson Building : Cranbrook Alderman has a door and two windows, and is planning a building to fit them.
Jackson Building
Fire Takes Morley Building : The once prosperous town of Moyie threatened by fire, which destroyed a number of buildings includin
Fire Takes Morley Building
Cranbrook Foundry Construction : Work on new building to extend Cranbrook Foundry and Machine shops soon to start and will be fitted
Cranbrook Foundry Construction
Cosmopolitan Repairs : Cranbrook Cosmopolitan Hotel, which was seriously damaged by fire, has been put back to its original
Cosmopolitan Repairs
Cranbrook Trading Moves In : New grocery store to open in Cranbrook and will run on a cash basis.
Cranbrook Trading Moves In
Taylor : Cranbrook resident appointed district representative in the Intermountain Building and Load Associat
New Building : Leask Auto Freight and Storage moves into new location in Cranbrook.
New Building
New Building On Hanson Avenue : Construction of new garage and storage space for Cranbrook business under way.
New Building On Hanson Avenue
New Elevator And Barns : Cranbrooks' St. Eugene hospital authorities will purchase a modern electric elevator to be installed
New Elevator And Barns
New Building : Excavation work completed for new building being erected to add to the Cranbrook Foundry and Machine
New Building
Ore Sample Cabinets : Local mining man polishes up ore exhibit displayed at Cranbrook post office building in preparation
Ore Sample Cabinets
Miniature Golf Lease : Cranbrook to have indoor miniature golf course in old United church building.
Miniature Golf Lease
Church Dedication : Many attended the blessing and dedication of St. Anthony's Church in Canal Flat, first building erec
Church Dedication
Pop Worden Injured : "Pop" Worden suffers with broken hand from falling at construction site for new foundry building in
Pop Worden Injured
Building Inspections : Provincial district resident architect makes an inspection of post office buildings at Cranbrook and
Building Inspections
Ainsworth Fire : Heart of town burned
Ainsworth Fire
Catholic Church : Catholics organizing to build a church.
Catholic Church
Kaslo News : Kaslo is growing and things are happening
Kaslo News
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