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Sullivan Mine : Reporting on the first wagon load of ore being shipped from the Sullivan Mine, with the whole town c
Sullivan Mine
B.A.C. Company : Reporting on the extensive mining operations soon to start up at two locations in the area.
B.A.C. Company
J.F. Armstrong Remembers : Article featuring the offical facts by J.F. Armstrong on the condition of the South East Kootenay wh
J.F. Armstrong Remembers
H. M. Wentworth : Well-known editor of the Herald returned to his home in Spokane.
H. M. Wentworth
Fort Steele Mercantile : The Mercantile store closing their location in Fort Steele but expanding their store in Cranbrook.
Fort Steele Mercantile
Crows Nest Coal Fields : Tax rate on acres owned by Crows Nest Coal Company and their estimated output in the billions.
Crows Nest Coal Fields
Board of Trade : Article reporting on the best Board of Trade meeting held in Cranbrook. One subject approved was to
Board of Trade
Fort Steele Notes : Reports from Fort Steele on comings and goings of local citizens. One report was Col. Sam Steele wa
Fort Steele Notes
Mining Notes : Article reporting on the ongoing boom of mining in the Kootenays.
Mining Notes
Mining Potential : Now that the Crow's Nest line is completed, the Kootenays are no longer handicapped and the mining i
Mining Potential
New Gold Fields Syndicate : A syndicate from London, England has secured a bond on groups of mines on Sullivan hill.
New Gold Fields Syndicate
St. Eugene Mine : St. Eugene mine will be reopening as it is thought that the railway company has made concessions.
St. Eugene Mine
Herald Mining Policy : Explaining the Herald's policy not to speak in flattering terms of a mining property that is known t
Herald Mining Policy
A.W. McVittie : Surveys of land purchases, pre-emptions, mining claims, etc.
A.W. McVittie
Men In Demand : Due to the building of the Crow's Nest Road, many men left the area to secure steady work during the
Men In Demand
Kootenay House : Hotel that is headquarters for commercial and mining men, convenient to railway depot and steamboat
Kootenay House
Columbia House : Hotel with home comforts, modern conveniences and best cuisine in the west.
Columbia House
Fort Steele Mining Division : The mining district of East Kootenay is now sub-divided into a Northern District and a Southern Dist
Fort Steele Mining Division
Route Surveying : Describing the trials and tribulations of two men travelling from Lethbridge to Fort Steele, report
Route Surveying
Fort Steele Mining : Article reporting on ever increasing numbers of prospectors who have take out licenses in Fort Steel
Fort Steele Mining
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