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Tourist Park Construction : Cranbrooks' old fire hall has been demolished and lumber used in building ten cabins in the Tourist
Tourist Park Construction
New Government Building : Cranbrooks' Board of Trade secretary was instructed to call the attention of the minister of finance
New Government Building
Government Building Fire : Cranbrook firemen respond to a fire on the roof of the government building probably cause by a spark
Government Building Fire
Jackson Building : Old building moved off Baker Street to prepare for construction on new business block in Cranbrook.
Jackson Building
Better Buildings : Cranbrook has a few new buildings made of brick and are modern in design, the urge is on to replace
Better Buildings
Heating Upgrade : Cranbrooks' Patmore Brothers written up in "Sanitary Engineer", a trade journal, on their installati
Heating Upgrade
Joe Jackson : Cranbrook resident busy supervising two jobs at the same time, one is the construction of a stone re
Joe Jackson
Golf Club Contract : Work to begin immediately on contract to build new clubhouse for Cranbrook Golf and Country Club.
Golf Club Contract
Cranbrook Hotel Refinishing : Cranbrook building contractors completed extensive improvements to several room in the Hotel Cranbro
Cranbrook Hotel Refinishing
Swimming Value : Newspaper editorial with opening of Cranbrooks new swimming pool the editor is urging every boy and
Swimming Value
Cranbrook Hotel : Cranbrook Hotel where visitors enjoy their stay, building renovated throughout.
Cranbrook Hotel
B. Weston Store : Cranbrook businessman to open new store on Baker Street.
B. Weston Store
Cross Keys Hotel : Cranbrooks' new store opening for business with guaranteed merchandise at a store that sells for les
Cross Keys Hotel
Committee Rooms : Kootenay East district showing signs of political activity in Cranbrook with both Liberal and Conser
Committee Rooms
Cranbrook Brewing Fire : Cranbrook Brewing Company had to call out fire department, when a probable cigarette end dropped thr
Cranbrook Brewing Fire
Post Office : Article asking Cranbrook citizens if they remember when the post office was located in the building
Post Office
Calgary Club : Calgary Fish and Game Association sends representative to Cranbrook to learn from and inspect the tr
Calgary Club
Leask Contract : Cranbrook contractor awarded contract to paint Cranbrook and Fernie post offices top to bottom.
Leask Contract
St. Eugene Dairy Barn : St. Eugene erecting a concrete barn to house their dairy herd which supplies milk to the hospital.
St. Eugene Dairy Barn
Jackson Block Description : New business block rapidly approaching completion for the occupancy of Cranbrook Trading Co.
Jackson Block Description
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