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Big Bend News : article about the exciting gold finds at the Big Bend Mines. Also first steamboat to make first tri
Big Bend News
Blackfoot City : Newspaper article stating the rapid rise of the major city of Helena Mo. Good description of Helena
Blackfoot City
Big Bend Mines Declared Rich : Newspaer article including a translated letter written by a German prospector to encourage friends t
Big Bend Mines Declared Rich
The Blackfoot Country : Newspaper article with first hand account from miner who while travelling met Snake Indians who thre
The Blackfoot Country
Big Bend Route : Newspaper article with Letter to the Editor from Alex. C. Anderson stating his opinion of the variou
Big Bend Route
Big Bend Travel : Article stating Big Bend to be the most extensive, as well as least expensive mines yet opened in BC
Big Bend Travel
Columbia River Diggings : Newspaper article with Major Francis describing findings, mining conditions and route to Columbia Ri
Columbia River Diggings
Big Bend Diggings - Richness Confirmed : Newspaper article with lastest particulars on the confirmation of riches at the Big Bend diggings.
Big Bend Diggings - Richness Confirmed
Route To Big Bend : Newspaper article with correspondence between A.C. Anderson and J. Robertson Stewart on the distance
Route To Big Bend
Columbia Gold : Newspaper article about a gentleman down from the upper Columbia mines arriving with $30,000 of gold
Columbia Gold
Blackfoot Country : Article with excerpt from the Oregonian giving information given to them from a reliable gentleman o
Blackfoot Country
The Blackfoot Country : Newspaper article with a letter written by a Cariboo miner examining the state of the Blackfoot Coun
The Blackfoot Country
Cheap Fares to Big Bend : Newspaper article with exerpt from The Columbian Government subsidized steamer transports people to
Cheap Fares to Big Bend
To California Miners : Article advising miners of California to head North to the mines of Big Bend where plenty of gold is
To California Miners
Blackfoot Report : A report on the winter conditions of Blackfoot country.
Blackfoot Report
Dubious Reports : A report claiming the mines in Montana not near as good as the mines in California. Long winters an
Dubious Reports
The Big Bend Mines : Mention of the weather conditions at Big Bend and Shuswap Lake. Talks of the dog-teams that steadily
The Big Bend Mines
The Montana Mines : A letter sent by a Montana resident depicting a poor state of diggings and of the misery that most p
The Montana Mines
Windermere District Board of Trade : Newspaper article reporting on the Windermere District Board of Trades council's operations. One of
Windermere District Board of Trade
East Kootenay Power : Reporting current years operations of East Kootenay Power Co are even more satisfactory, and if pres
East Kootenay Power
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