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Gyros : Cranbrook Gyros regular meeting confirms upcoming annual meeting and election of officers, and silve
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary delegate returns from attending silver anniversary of Rotary in Chicago, newly elec
Cranbrook Rotary
Cranbrook Womens Hockey : Sixteen members of Cranbrook Ladies' Hockey League present at social function in honor of former tea
Cranbrook Womens Hockey
Annual Yield : Canadas' annual silver fox industry yields about 100,000 pelts, most from farms but some wild foxes
Annual Yield
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary delegate sent to Rotary silver anniversary in Chicago concludes report on conventio
Cranbrook Rotary
Gyro Pool : Cranbrook tourist park cabin rentals were full almost every night, even though attendance was down f
Gyro Pool
Ore Sample Cabinets : Local mining man polishes up ore exhibit displayed at Cranbrook post office building in preparation
Ore Sample Cabinets
Hardware Ad : Hamilton Byers, stores in Kaslo and Sandon.
Hardware Ad
Kaslo News : Mining news and promotion; Kaslo's first park.
Kaslo News
Sanca Townsite : Newspaper
Sanca Townsite
Kaslo News : New Catholic church consecrated in Kaslo and Sandon water system started.
Kaslo News
Kaslo Mining News : Newspaper
Kaslo Mining News
Pilot Bay Smelter : Herrick brings Minneapolis money to Pilot Bay.
Pilot Bay Smelter
Financial Plan : Calls for minting gold in Canada.
Financial Plan
Prospecting Statement : Mining in the Kootenays.
Prospecting Statement
Kaslo Baseball : Games in Nakusp and New Denver.
Kaslo Baseball
Assayer Ad : Newspaper advertisement
Assayer Ad
Smelters : Mining is driving Kootenay economy.
Smelter : Sullivan mine news.
B.C. Smelting Ad : British Columbia Smelting & Refining CO. ad
B.C. Smelting Ad
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