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A.E. Jones & Company
A.E. Jones & Company
Kootenay and Big Bend : Newspaper article stating the opinion of miners is that the Big Bend is rich beyond anything that ha
Kootenay and Big Bend
Blackfoot Report : A report on the winter conditions of Blackfoot country.
Blackfoot Report
Imperial Hotel Damage : Newspaper article reporting on wind damage to the Imperial Hotel in one of the fiercest gales in yea
Imperial Hotel Damage
Cranbrook Central School Report : Newspaper article with exam results and attendance record of the Central School in Cranbrook.
Cranbrook Central School Report
Central School Report : Newspaper article listing the attendance record and exam marks for students, month of November.
Central School Report
Cranbrook School Report : Reproduction of March Cranbrook school report with attendance and exam marks listed for Central Sch
Cranbrook School Report
Wycliffe Beats Cranbrook : Newspaper article reporting that due to weather conditions the Yahk ball team is unable to attend th
Wycliffe Beats Cranbrook
School Report : The list of students with promotion exams.
School Report
Remembrance Essays : The Veterans announcing prize winners in Poppy Day Competion.
Remembrance Essays
School Report : Reporting the grades for students in November.
School Report
Cranbrook & Bull River Contest : The results of lawn bowling match between Cranbrook and Bull River. Cranbrook wins and is now being
Cranbrook & Bull River Contest
Chinese Masons Rebuild : First sod being turned in re-establishment of Chinese Masonic building following recent fire totally
Chinese Masons Rebuild
Fire Department Banquet : Reporting on Fire Department banquet held in honor of 53th anniversary.
Fire Department Banquet
Edwards Remembers 1885 : An interesting outlook on progress in our area over the last 14 years by one of the first settlers i
Edwards Remembers 1885
Methodist Church : Great success of Easter services at Methodist church, filled to the doors.
Methodist Church
Armouries : Notes for happenings in Cranbrook area, including ongoing work on Armouries building.
Cranbrook Townsite Office : One of the first buildings erected in Cranbrook undergoing alterations.
Cranbrook Townsite Office
Van Horne Tree Planting : Tree planting bee saw 90 trees planted on north side of Van Horne Street.
Van Horne Tree Planting
Cranbrook Museum : Rotarian meeting named officers to work on a historical and museum committee to seek out the early h
Cranbrook Museum
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