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Kenneth Spencer Dead : Cranbrook hears of their first soldier to die in battle.
Kenneth Spencer Dead
Board Of Trade : Cranbrook Board of Trade disappointed in their local business men for lack of interest in the goings
Board Of Trade
Farrell Block Fire : Moyie fire in Farrell Block resulting in heavy losses to all occupants, some without insurance.
Farrell Block Fire
Wentworth Hotel : New opera house assured in Cranbrook with property bought and building soon to begin, meanwhile movi
Wentworth Hotel
The Auditorium : Excavation for Cranbrooks new Opera House is rapidly moving along with work on the erection of the b
The Auditorium
Cranbrook Co-operative Store : Cranbook Co-operative Store sold off the grocery department to J. Manning and will concentrate their
Cranbrook Co-operative Store
Marvellous Creston : Creston has proved it is remarkable fertile for growing fruit, but many don't know that Mr. Rykert w
Marvellous Creston
Heating Plant : Newspaper article McBride firm installing heating plant in Cranbrooks' new government building.
Heating Plant
Septic Tank : McCallum & Co. building a septic tank for Cranbrook Hotel, to be ready when the new addition is read
Septic Tank
New Addition : Contractor Johnson to be complimented on the rapid work he has done on the new addition to the Cranb
New Addition
Cranbrook Hotel : Unsolicited letter of praise from owner of Cranbrook hotel, V. Hyde Baker, for their work on install
Cranbrook Hotel
Wentworth Hotel : Wentworth hotel and Herald office in danger when a fire broke out in the laundry at the rear of Went
Wentworth Hotel
Mountain Lumbermen : Secretary of Mountain Lumber Manufacturers Association gives data on industry for 1920.
Mountain Lumbermen
Cenotaph and Park : Cranbrook is the only city its size that has no park for children to play, and while they are buildi
Cenotaph and Park
Gymnasium Tank : Insinuations are afloat as to the impurity of the water in the swimming tank of Cranbrook Recreation
Gymnasium Tank
Tourist Park : Cranbrook Tourist Park has set a high bar for other places to meet, Fernie is in the process and so
Tourist Park
Auditorium Beginning : Two new business enterprises starting in Cranbrook, one being a second moving picture house and the
Auditorium Beginning
Council and Fire Department : Cranbrook City Council meeting discusses civic grants, which led to some arguments among the alderme
Council and Fire Department
Vauxhall Farm : Newspaper excerpt Lethbridge Herald - describes Otis Staples farm at Vauxhall as an eye-opener, in l
Vauxhall Farm
New Hall : Cranbrook Oddfellows' Lodge sells out their half interest in a hall used jointly with Knights of Pyt
New Hall
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