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Council Saves Baker House : Cranbrook City Council took steps to ensure the preservation of Colonel Baker residence in Baker Par
Council Saves Baker House
Osoyoos House : Microfilm Reel B-1317 correspondence from Colonial Secretary authorizing renovations on Osoyoos Hous
Osoyoos House
Legal Ferry Agreement : Microfilm reel B-1330 - agreement for building and maintaining a ferry across Quesnel River and char
Legal Ferry Agreement
Cranbrook Schools 1904 : Cranbrook's growth and progress in indicated by the need for more and bigger classrooms and schools.
Cranbrook Schools 1904
St. Eugene Industrial School : Site and plans decided upon for the erection of the new Indian Industrial school to be built at St.
St. Eugene Industrial School
Masonic Temple : Masonic Temple in Cranbrook is considered one of the most perfect Lodge Halls devoted to masonry bet
Masonic Temple
School History : Detailing the growth of Cranbrooks school from a tiny shack to its present handsome structure.
School History
Hanson Block Construction : Nils Hanson purchases three lots with option on a fourth lot in Cranbrook with plans to build a two
Hanson Block Construction
Miss Macleod Fire : Miss Macleod's store gutted by fire, fire brigade saves a large portion of Cranbrooks business distr
Miss Macleod Fire
New Government Building : Two large new buildings being started in Cranbrook, one being the new provincial government building
New Government Building
James Ryan Interview : Newspaper interview with one of the best known men in Cranbrook, a pioneer of the town and for sever
James Ryan Interview
R.E. Beattie Interview : Cranbrooks first and present postmaster and owner of Beattie & Atcheson drug store.
R.E. Beattie Interview
W.T. Reid Interview : Newspaper interview with W.T. Reid, not only a pioneer store keeper of Cranbrook but Wardner and Moy
W.T. Reid Interview
Annual - Cranbrook Hotel : Relating the history of the Cranbrook Hotel from probably the first stick of lumber used in building
Annual - Cranbrook Hotel
King & Green Offices : One of Cranbrooks old buildings which housed the first medical clinic was demolished, but remembered
King & Green Offices
Cranbrook - Firsts : Detailing first things in Cranbrook, from first building to first baby born.
Cranbrook - Firsts
Cranbrook Growth : Cranbrook never stopped growing in the ten years of her existence, with names and descriptions of th
Cranbrook Growth
Herald Reports On CPR Progress : Reporting on progress of C.P.R. in rebuilding their railway and yards in Fernie after the big fire t
Herald Reports On CPR Progress
3rd Contingent Departure : 3,000 Cranbrook citizens gather to bid farewell to the 47 members of the Cranbrook and district men
3rd Contingent Departure
Ambulance Society Concert : A farewell concert and dance tendered to the Mounted Infantry men who left for Victoria.
Ambulance Society Concert
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