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Clearing for Pool : Lumber from Cranbrooks' old firehall being used for building ten cabins in municipal tourist camp an
Clearing for Pool
Construction : Excavating for Cranbrook's new swimming pool at Baker Park being pushed ahead rapidly, proposed open
Airport Construction : Cranbrook City Council receives telegram informing them a license for the airport will be granted wh
Airport Construction
Tourist Park Construction : Cranbrooks' old fire hall has been demolished and lumber used in building ten cabins in the Tourist
Tourist Park Construction
Pool Construction : Newspaper article Cranbrook Gyro Club provided funds for construction of swimming pool, which is wel
Pool Construction
Pool Construction : Construction of Cranbrook swimming pool, when completed, will be the largest outdoor pool in the pro
Pool Construction
Pool Construction : Cranbrooks youth eagerly watching progress made by workmen in construction of the swimming pool in B
Pool Construction
Jackson Building : Old building moved off Baker Street to prepare for construction on new business block in Cranbrook.
Jackson Building
Joe Jackson : Cranbrook resident busy supervising two jobs at the same time, one is the construction of a stone re
Joe Jackson
Gold Creek Pipeline : Local firm starts on construction of concrete pipe at Cranbrooks' Arena ring, which they will use as
Gold Creek Pipeline
Unemployment : Cranbrook's unemployment remains acute due to slackness in lumbering trade, hopes of Gold Creek road
Board Of Trade : Cranbrook Board of Trade renews advertising contract to send brochures to Canada, US and European to
Board Of Trade
Road Reconstruction : Ongoing road work on outlying areas in Cranbrook district nearing completion, and more work will be
Road Reconstruction
Carnival Prep : Cranbrook Gyros' aided in selling tickets for upcoming carnival to aid in completing swimming pool b
Carnival Prep
Pool Extract : Cranbrook Gyro arranging for semi-permanent lighting of the swimming pool, and another member inform
Pool Extract
Pool Progress : Construction of Cranbrooks' new outdoor swimming pool is progressing satisfactorily and a pay teleph
Pool Progress
McInnes : Pioneer resident of East Kootenay, during construction of Crow's Nest Pass railway he conducted meat
Pool Construction : Cranbrook superintendent will turn water into new swimming pool, allowing 5 days of clear weather to
Pool Construction
Pool and Philpot : All is in readiness for grand opening of Cranbrook Gyro swimming pool opening, regatta and midway.
Pool and Philpot
Gyro Pool Opening : Huge crowd attended swimming pool opening carnival and regatta, despite cool weather, with liberal p
Gyro Pool Opening
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