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MacKinnon Bog : Cranbrook resident takes home a block of peat, "if it burns in Ireland, there's no reason why it won
MacKinnon Bog
Vincent Shopping For Fashions : Cranbrook mother and son visit Washington and Oregon centres to see a number of fall and winter fash
Vincent Shopping For Fashions
Gyros Aunt Lucia : Cranbrook Gyros' preparing to put on their version of "Aunt Lucia" comedy at the Auditorium.
Gyros Aunt Lucia
John H. Fink Obituary : Pioneer of East and West Kootenays dies in Cranbrook after years of suffering after a automobile str
John H. Fink Obituary
Mrs. Argue : Popular Cranbrook lady and pioneer resident leaves Cranbrook to make her home in New Westminster.
Mrs. Argue
Candy Sale : Cranbrook Knox Church Ladies Aid hold a Sale of Home Cooking and Candy.
Candy Sale
Aunt Lucia To Be Staged : Cranbrook Gyros arranging for production of "Aunt Lucia", a collegiate comedy, to be held at Auditor
Aunt Lucia To Be Staged
Mrs. McNeish Returning : Newspaper article
Mrs. McNeish Returning
Kaslo Cigars : Holland Brothers cigar factory
Kaslo Cigars
Cigar Ad : Holland Brothers cigars
Cigar Ad
Kaslo News : Newspaper
Kaslo News
Cigar Ad : Newspaper advertisement
Cigar Ad
Fire Concerns : Government support not forthcoming.
Fire Concerns
Mining News : Promoting East kootenay.
Mining News
Rev. Irwin : Building a church for all faiths.
Rev. Irwin
Trail Development : Trail becoming a centre for mining and smelting industry.
Trail Development
Mining Tax : Delegation re mining taxes.
Mining Tax
Transportation Company : Building of SS Kokanee and schedule of SS Lytton.
Transportation Company
Personals : Lots of comings and goings.
River Steamers : Many paddlewheelers and the smelter switching to burning of coal.
River Steamers
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