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Wasa Airport : Newspaper excerpt Lethbridge Herald - airport at Wasa ready for service after being inspected by an
Wasa Airport
South Ward School : Cranbrook Boy Scouts association received favorable reply from Department of Education to lease Sout
South Ward School
South Ward School : South Ward School to undergo renovations to make two-room school into Scout Hall.
South Ward School
Cranbrook Library : Advertisement posting library hours and membership fees.
Cranbrook Library
Cranbrook Library : Public libraries are valuable institutions and assets to a community.
Cranbrook Library
Scout Hall : New Scout Hall nearing completion and regular meetings to commence.
Scout Hall
Scout Hall : After delays postponed official opening of new Scout hall, work is being completed.
Scout Hall
South Ward School : Cranbrook Boy Scout Association receiving more financial assistance from Rotary Club after finding f
South Ward School
YMCA Ban Lifted : After many people have recuperated from the flu, YMCA building and dining room has been reopened.
YMCA Ban Lifted
Kootenay Auto Supply : Newspaper article 8 years in the auto supply market and Kootenay Auto Supply continues to grow and s
Kootenay Auto Supply
Post Office Building : Newspaper letter to editor suggesting public library be relocated to old post office building instea
Post Office Building
Joint Club Council : Newspaper article Joint Service Club Council established to co-ordinate fund raising activities of t
Joint Club Council
Library Building : Newspaper notice of hours and days Cranbrook Public Library is open.
Library Building
Opening Bull River : Newspaper article Kootenay Trout Hatchery at Bull River officially opened.
Opening Bull River
Hindus to Honduras : Newspaper article Hindus being shipped from British Columbia to British Honduras to build railways.
Hindus to Honduras
Local Colour : Newspaper article in form of a letter telling friend of chinese cigars clearing evils out of body an
Local Colour
Chinese Discrimination : Newspaper article Ymir individual cuts support of a cabin to render it uninhabitable so Chinese owne
Chinese Discrimination
Annual Fire Department Report : Annual report for 1930 detailing fire department responding to 40 calls.
Annual Fire Department Report
Works Report 1930 : Annual report by City Superintendent for Water, Sewers, Streets, Sidewalks, Drainage, Street Mainten
Works Report 1930
Ben Walkley Opens Business : After leaving Cranbrook Meat Market, Ben Walkley opens own meat store.
Ben Walkley Opens Business
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