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Cranbrook Airport : Llight beam added to air station will revolve a finger of 3,000,000 candle power of reflected light
Cranbrook Airport
Scott Fruit : Announcing to the retail trade of East Kootenay the installation of a modern soft drink plant in Cra
Scott Fruit
New Airport Building : New airport building now occupied by Department of Transport, Weather Bureau and Trans-Canada Airlin
New Airport Building
Scout Hall : Rotary club meeting with objective of starting a new project, on discussion is a Boy Scouts building
Scout Hall
Cranbrook Pentecostal Church : Pentecostal Church purchasing the building they have been occupying on Cranbrook Street.
Cranbrook Pentecostal Church
Business Section Fire : After five years without a fire of consequence the city of Cranbrook lost seven places in the busine
Business Section Fire
Curling Opens : Weather permitting Cranbrook Curling Club expects good ice by end of the week.
Curling Opens
Central Cartage Co. : Central Cartage Company opened business office in Canadian Hotel building.
Central Cartage Co.
Herald Fire : Newspaper article fire department brought to chimney fire at Herald building, practically no damage
Herald Fire
D. Kimptons in Golden : Large shipment of buggies, wagons and agricultural implements arrived and are on sale for reasonable
D. Kimptons in Golden
Damage Report : Article describing massive losses to residents and companies in Fernie Fire.
Damage Report
Rod & Gun Report On Hatchery : Special meeting of Rod and Gun Club hears report on local fish hatchery, which was deemed a success
Rod & Gun Report On Hatchery
New Store : Announcing the opening of a new grocery store by the Cranbrook Co-operative Society.
New Store
Building Renovation : Announcing renovation of Little and Atchison building for them to reoccupy.
Building Renovation
Chinatown Buildings : Capital from Chinese or Japanese helped complete a block to be known as the Western Cafe, and rooms.
Chinatown Buildings
Residential Homes : Reporting on construction of many homes going up in residential district.
Residential Homes
Kootenay Trading Company : Painting now in progress on the McFarlane building.
Kootenay Trading Company
Jackson Building : New heating system installed in new store building owned by Mr. J.J. Jackson.
Jackson Building
South Ward School : Meeting of the Cranbrook Boy Scouts Association proposing taking over school to be new Scout Hall.
South Ward School
South Ward School : Meeting of Cranbrook Rotarians voted a sum to the Cranbrook Boy Scout Association for alterations t
South Ward School
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