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Crows Nest Construction : Newspaper excerpt Wardner International - ongoing notes on railway construction and steady inpouring
Crows Nest Construction
Cranbrook Notes : Comings and goings of residents and visitors in Cranbrook.
Cranbrook Notes
Crows Nest Construction : Crows Nest Pass Chief of Construction satisfied with the progress of work being done in Cranbrook an
Crows Nest Construction
Golden Age Mine : Railway construction workers uncover ten inches of solid galena while working on a right of way thro
Golden Age Mine
Wardner : Crow's Nest Pass Railway line now completed to Wardner, making it a boom town with many residents an
Cranbrook Buildings : Continuing growth in Cranbrook shows many buildings being built, with not a day passing without one
Cranbrook Buildings
Wardner Notes : Comings and goings of residents and visitors of Wardner, as well as another commission of inquiry ov
Wardner Notes
Crows Nest Pass Railway : The days of slow, unreliable and expensive transportation in East Kootenay soon to be a matter of hi
Crows Nest Pass Railway
Wardner Notes : First train of cars to cross Kootenay River, ferry across river now charges, comings and goings of W
Wardner Notes
City Council : Cranbrook City Council meeting with City Engineers' reports on utility and services, ongoing upgrade
City Council
City Council : Cranbrook City Council meeting, among other things brought up was approaching C.P.R. in respect to b
City Council
Japanese Discrimination : Great Northern Railway lands another shipload of Japanese who are being rushed in to help complete c
Japanese Discrimination
Italian Spending : Illustration of different ways in which foreigners regard money, comparing a gang of Swedes and Ital
Italian Spending
Auto Accident : Former Fernie man killed in automobile accident.
Auto Accident
New Garage On Hanson Avenue : New garage and storage building erected with substantial floors to bear the heaviest of loads.
New Garage On Hanson Avenue
Cranbrook - Relief : Cranbrook to receive $24,000 to go towards public works undertaken by unemployment relief workers.
Cranbrook - Relief
Cranbrook Foundry Building : Finishing touches being done on the construction of the new Cranbrook Foundry and Machine Shops buil
Cranbrook Foundry Building
Council Meeting Report : Cranbrook City Council meeting burns midnight oil with large volume on agenda, including proposal of
Council Meeting Report
Kimberley Arena : Construction of Kimberley's skating rink complete, touted the largest rink in the Kootenays.
Kimberley Arena
Deaths On Construction : Young local Invermere man missing and presumed dead after canoe accident on the Columbia River while
Deaths On Construction
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