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Cranbrook Masons : Reporting on assemblies held in Mason Building.
Cranbrook Masons
Cranbrook Schools : Fire alarm system installed in Public School building.
Cranbrook Schools
Kingsgate : A number of carpenters went to Kingsgate to build a modern hotel.
G.H. Thompson, Lawyer Ad : Advertisement for barrister, solicitor and notary public.
G.H. Thompson, Lawyer Ad
V. Hyde Baker Dies : Reporting on the death of Hyde Baker in England. Baker arrived in Cranbrook over 50 years ago with
V. Hyde Baker Dies
Peter Lund Recalls Frank Slide : Newspaper excerpt from Lethbridge Herald - with account of railway workers who just missed being bur
Peter Lund Recalls Frank Slide
J. Wallace, Brickmaker : Reporting on death of pioneer brickmaker, many brick buildings in Cranbrook were made under his supe
J. Wallace, Brickmaker
Aikens Block Sale : Reporting on one of the most important real estate deals in Cranbrook.
Aikens Block Sale
Armouries : Notes for happenings in Cranbrook area, including ongoing work on Armouries building.
Sash & Door Expansion : Large warehouse under construction for Sash & Door, with plans to start building big new office.
Sash & Door Expansion
Cranbrook Townsite Office : One of the first buildings erected in Cranbrook undergoing alterations.
Cranbrook Townsite Office
Fire Hall Improvements : Improvements around Cranbrook Fire Hall with a brick workshop and proposed fountain under constructi
Fire Hall Improvements
W.H. Wilson Closes Jewellery : After 37 years in Jewellery business in Cranbrook, local jeweller sells off entire stock to focus hi
W.H. Wilson Closes Jewellery
Manual Training School Exhibit : Open house held at the Manual Training School displayed beautiful and useful hand wrought articles.
Manual Training School Exhibit
Knox Presbyterian Church : Approval by members and adherents of Knox Presbyterian Church was given to improved appearance of ch
Knox Presbyterian Church
Wasa Airport : Ongoing airport construction work near Ta Ta Creek to be used as an emergency field by the Departmen
Wasa Airport
Cranbrook Recalled : Early events of Cranbrook history read at literary meeting, including a time when there were only 5
Cranbrook Recalled
Death Notice : Body of missing man found near town.
Death Notice
Skookumchuck Mill : Crow's Nest Pass Lumber Company building new mill in Skookumchuck.
Skookumchuck Mill
Doukhobor Fire : Fire destroys Doukhobor Jam Plant near Grand Forks.
Doukhobor Fire
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