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Windermere Mines : Article reporting on the ongoing good reports coming from the mines in Windermere district.
Windermere Mines
Kinbasket Lake Claims : Several men have gone to Kinbasket Lake to work claims.
Kinbasket Lake Claims
Fort Steele Assessments : With Fort Steeles water works committee being well advanced in their assessment work, but most peopl
Fort Steele Assessments
Hamilton, John & W.J. : Newspaper article two successful prospectors state that Southeast Kootenay is one of the most fruitf
Hamilton, John & W.J.
War Eagle Mine : Newspaper excerpt Vancouver World - contracts for new machinery for War Eagle mine have closed, mine
War Eagle Mine
Sullivan Mine : Sullivan Mine in Kimberley finds great strike of ore with high assay values.
Sullivan Mine
Mining : All thoughts in Cranbrook are in the direction of mining.
Cenotaph Move : Cranbrooks Veterans monument moved to new site.
Cenotaph Move
Cenotaph and Park : Cranbrook is the only city its size that has no park for children to play, and while they are buildi
Cenotaph and Park
Creston Cenotaph : Creston to have war memorial erected in memory of its soldier heroes, with Nelson also taking defini
Creston Cenotaph
Mine Shaft
Mine Shaft
Mine Shaft
Mine Shaft
Mine Shaft
Mine Shaft
Moyie and St. Eugene Mine
Moyie and St. Eugene Mine
Creston Cenotaph : Newspaper excerpt Creston Review - bronze wreaths that will adorn the top of the granite Soldiers' M
Creston Cenotaph
Sanca Townsite : Newspaper
Sanca Townsite
Boosting Marysville : An article charting Marysville's economy and industrial base.
Boosting Marysville
Gold At Marysville : Newspaper
Gold At Marysville
Spokane Focus : Large article on Trail Creek mining prospects and the towns of Spokane, Trail and Rossland.
Spokane Focus
Lookout Mountain : Description of mines and mining claims adjacent to Trail.
Lookout Mountain
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