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Blackfoot Report : A report on the winter conditions of Blackfoot country.
Blackfoot Report
The Lower Arrow Lake : Article with an exerpt from the Mountaineer stating that old discoveries have been made on a creek t
The Lower Arrow Lake
The Big Bend Mines : Mention of the weather conditions at Big Bend and Shuswap Lake. Talks of the dog-teams that steadily
The Big Bend Mines
The Montana Mines : Newspaper article giving a different picture of the Blackfoot Country and what they believe is a mor
The Montana Mines
Fights With Indians : Features exerpts from the Portland Oregonian as well as other newspapers on the war with the Indians
Fights With Indians
The Montana Mines : A letter sent by a Montana resident depicting a poor state of diggings and of the misery that most p
The Montana Mines
Blackfoot Mines : Newspaper article with exerpt from the Evening Post talking of the unfavorable condition of the Blac
Blackfoot Mines
Big Bend and Kootenay : Newspaper article talking of the current weather conditions of Big Bend and Kootenay along with the
Big Bend and Kootenay
Salary Increase Granted Principal : Coverage of the Cranbrook School Board meeting, discussion of increased budgets.
Salary Increase Granted Principal
Cranbrook Teachers Pay Increase : Coverage of the requested pay increase for teachers of Central, South Ward and Kootenay Orchard scho
Cranbrook Teachers Pay Increase
Amy Woodland : Reporting on a letter of appreciation sent by A. Woodland to chairman of school board to thank him f
Amy Woodland
Liquor Licenses : Report on the License Commissioners granting excessive numbers of licenses.
Liquor Licenses
School Addition : Reporting on the ongoing debate over finding other accomodations to turn into schools versus adding
School Addition
C.B.Garrett Cabins : Reporting on the request to supply movable cabins in the municipal tourist camp.
C.B.Garrett Cabins
Council Reports : Minutes of council meeting, mostly dealing with idea of airport field being handed over to the city.
Council Reports
Chinese Masons Rebuild : First sod being turned in re-establishment of Chinese Masonic building following recent fire totally
Chinese Masons Rebuild
Bowling : Reprinting a letter of challenge sent to Cranbrook bowling champs from Bull River team, stating they
Provincial Police : Reporting on crackdown by police of motorists speeding and careless driving, dogs running at large a
Provincial Police
Fort Steele Notes : Reports from Fort Steele on comings and goings of local citizens. One report was Col. Sam Steele wa
Fort Steele Notes
East Kootenay Publishing Company : Printing company prepared to do neat, artistic, up to date printing in all its branches.
East Kootenay Publishing Company
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