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Wentworth Hotel : Reporting on the purchase of hotel by Mr. Baker, who in turn leased it to Mr. Wentworth. Complete r
Wentworth Hotel
Leitch Home : Reporting on the building of a home that is said to become one of the handsomest homes in Cranbrook.
Leitch Home
St. Eugene Hospital : Newspaper reporting on local man falling from the roof to the ground during construction of the new
St. Eugene Hospital
Fred Roo : Reporting Mr. Roo building a hotel at Tobacco Plains.
Fred Roo
Reverend Holford : Completion of new residences and the building of other houses.
Reverend Holford
Orchard Residence : Mr. Orchard is contemplating building a handsome residence on his property on Baker hill.
Orchard Residence
Fort Steele Notes : Reports from Fort Steele on comings and goings of local citizens. One report was Col. Sam Steele wa
Fort Steele Notes
Cranbrook Incorporation : Article opinioning Cranbrook should be incorporated.
Cranbrook Incorporation
Greer & Company : Advertisement telling people to talk to a Contractor when building a house.
Greer & Company
Wasa Bridge : Describing what a great benefit the new bridge over the Kootenay River at Wasa will be to Cranbrook
Wasa Bridge
Chinese Business : Advising customers that Wong Comedy has purchased laundry business from Wing Lee.
Chinese Business
Men In Demand : Due to the building of the Crow's Nest Road, many men left the area to secure steady work during the
Men In Demand
J. Henderson : Contractor and builder who prepares plans and supplies Building Lime.
J. Henderson
Construction Notes : Newspaper article reporting 150 men arriving in Calgary to work on new railway and the Trade and Lab
Construction Notes
Fort Steele Mining : Reporting on the town of Cranbrook as future capital of S.E. Kootenay is nearing completion of surve
Fort Steele Mining
C.N.P. Construction : Article about a chat reporter had with C.P.R. vice-president trying to confirm Golden as being made
C.N.P. Construction
Fort Steele Promotion : Spasmodic movement by Fort Steele to try promoting the town. Latest move will be a place for amusem
Fort Steele Promotion
Fernie Store : Fernie's ongoing race to prosperity with another store being built.
Fernie Store
Ledge Office : Reporting the move of "Ledge" offices, where walls are thick and mice can't break in. Also noting c
Ledge Office
Cranbrook Brewery Fire : Total loss at local brewery caused by fire, with circumstances pointing to being of incendiary origi
Cranbrook Brewery Fire
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