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Wilmer Lumber : Reporting the building of sawmill at Toby lake.
Wilmer Lumber
Kootenay Central Railway : Article reporting the immediate construction of the Kootenay Central railway.
Kootenay Central Railway
Cranbrook Hatchery : Hatchery operations underway after all apparatus have been transferred to new site.
Cranbrook Hatchery
KBM Concentrator at Wild Horse : New mill of Kootenay Base Metals soon ready for test run.
KBM Concentrator at Wild Horse
Chinese Masons Rebuild : First sod being turned in re-establishment of Chinese Masonic building following recent fire totally
Chinese Masons Rebuild
Bowling Alley Building : Work being started on a new building which will house bowling alleys.
Bowling Alley Building
Lumbering Basic Industry : Lumbering continues as main basic industry in East Kootenay. Detailing the industry from the beginn
Lumbering Basic Industry
Miles Dental Office : Newspaper Golden Jubilee Edition featuring..."you're an Old-timer here if you can remember...".
Miles Dental Office
New Location for Simpson-Sears : The relocation of Simpson-Sears, allowing for appliance sales at same location as cataloque orders.
New Location for Simpson-Sears
Fire Department January Report : Detailing fire department report for January, listing fire calls and charges for calls.
Fire Department January Report
John Walton : Former operator of brokerage house in Cranbrook being charged in Ottawa for fleecing people there.
John Walton
Cranbrook Tailors : Reporting the opening of new tailoring business, catering to custom tailoring, cleaning and pressing
Cranbrook Tailors
Chinese Masons : Reporting on small fire in Chinese Masonic Lodge, second fire in the Chinese quarter within a month,
Chinese Masons
Edwards Remembers 1885 : An interesting outlook on progress in our area over the last 14 years by one of the first settlers i
Edwards Remembers 1885
Reid Builds : Reporting on work being started on new business buildings.
Reid Builds
St. Eugene Hospital : Advertisement for contractor and builder who states currently building the new St. Eugene Hospital.
St. Eugene Hospital
Hospital Lighting : Article reporting on the completion of wiring for lights at the new hospital building.
Hospital Lighting
Cranbrook Fire Protection : Reporting on first fire in four years that almost took the business district.
Cranbrook Fire Protection
School History : Reminiscing about the progress of the school in Cranbrook, from working out of a building to present
School History
N. Hanson & International Hotel : Reporting on the purchase of the site of the old International Hotel in Fort Steele, plans are to er
N. Hanson & International Hotel
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