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Leonard Staples : Wycliffe orchestra member left for Minneapolis where he expects to make his home.
Leonard Staples
Town Baseball Games : A song and spoofed update on baseball game played between Cranbrooks bankers and lawyers.
Town Baseball Games
Marvellous Creston : Creston has proved it is remarkable fertile for growing fruit, but many don't know that Mr. Rykert w
Marvellous Creston
Cranbrook Typographical Union : Herald office now officially a member of Typographical Union office, also Herald urges certain busin
Cranbrook Typographical Union
Cranbrook - Firsts : W.R. Beatty of Cranbrook claimed the distinction of raising the first bunch of grapes produced in Ea
Cranbrook - Firsts
Wentworth Hotel : Wentworth hotel deemed the house where you feel at home, with dining room open day and night.
Wentworth Hotel
G.W.V.A. Costume Ball : Cranbrook G.W.V.A. held their second annual masquerade ball in the Auditorium, with judging of costu
G.W.V.A. Costume Ball
Eastern Marketing : Mr. Wilmot of Jaffray moving to Toronto to open joint sales office for East Kootenay Lumber Co. and
Eastern Marketing
Vauxhall Farm : Newspaper excerpt Lethbridge Herald - describes Otis Staples farm at Vauxhall as an eye-opener, in l
Vauxhall Farm
Agent Helmsing : New Indian Agent arrives in Cranbrook to take up position in Fort Steele when government quarters ar
Agent Helmsing
Cranbrook Swimmers : Results for swimming tests, diving contests and relay races for Cranbrook junior swimmers.
Cranbrook Swimmers
G.W.V.A. Notes : Armistice Day to be a memorable one in Cranbrook when G.W.V.A. will lower their flag to half-mast fo
G.W.V.A. Notes
Armistice Day Holiday : G.W.V.A. interviewed members of Cranbrook School Board with a request to make Armistice Day a school
Armistice Day Holiday
Poppy Competition : G.W.V.A. results on Flanders Poppy essay. They got Cranbrook and district schools to participate.
Poppy Competition
Maurice Isaac : Only Kootenay Indian known to have enlisted for service during the war and served overseas, dies on
Maurice Isaac
"Conflict" : Newspaper review on motion picture of conflict between a niece and her uncle. The girl used to rich
Cranbrook School Drama
Cranbrook School Drama
Cranbrook United Way Support
Cranbrook United Way Support
Cranbrooks Home Bakery
Cranbrooks Home Bakery
Mount Baker Secondary
Mount Baker Secondary
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