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Crows Nest Pass Railway : The days of slow, unreliable and expensive transportation in East Kootenay soon to be a matter of hi
Crows Nest Pass Railway
Moyie Murder : Italian Moyie man murdered now identified and friend and fellow countryman to stand trial for his mu
Moyie Murder
Knox Church Entertainment : Describing Christmas entertainment given by the Cranbrook Presbyterian Sunday School in Knox Church.
Knox Church Entertainment
Womens Institute Parcels : Thank you letters from boys on the front who received care parcels from Canbrook Women's Institute.
Womens Institute Parcels
Wycliffe Autoists : Comings and goings of Wycliffe residents and their visitors.
Wycliffe Autoists
Rockies Trail Rides : Banff and Lake Louise famous for their summer programs of the two great Canadian Pacific Railway hot
Rockies Trail Rides
Ambulance Accident : Automobile collides with ambulance, patient was transferred to Greyhound bus line for rest of transp
Ambulance Accident
Council Meeting Report : Cranbrook City Council meeting burns midnight oil with large volume on agenda, including proposal of
Council Meeting Report
Consolidated Company Offices : Consolidated Company to build a new office building at their Crow's Nest workings, about halfway bet
Consolidated Company Offices
Deaths On Construction : Young local Invermere man missing and presumed dead after canoe accident on the Columbia River while
Deaths On Construction
Skookumchuck-in-the-Rockies : Spokane visitors enjoy trip through rockies, with special mention of camp for girls on Premier Lake.
Cominco Pay-Day : Largest payday seen in Rossland since their mines closed down, most of the workers are employed in T
Cominco Pay-Day
W.A. Wells Visits : Special agent for the Knights of Columbus stopped in Cranbrook to give speech on his annual visits f
W.A. Wells Visits
Purchase By-Law : Ratepayers of Cranbrook to be given the opportunity to vote on the purchase of Baker estate property
Purchase By-Law
Casual Racism - Chinese : Chinese being driven out of Cobalt camp, which some feel it the only solution.
Casual Racism - Chinese
Hospital Ambulance : B.C. Spruce Mills faller injured at work, requiring hospital ambulance.
Hospital Ambulance
Joyce Brothers : Joyce brothers won contract to supply 7000 telegraph poles to C.P.R., as well as bought interest in
Joyce Brothers
Edmonton Auto Camp : Edmonton auto camp had nearly 1700 people, in 500 cars, visiting so far this summer.
Edmonton Auto Camp
Edmonton Auto Camp : Edmonton Auto Camp enjoys its most successful season of its career.
Edmonton Auto Camp
Assaying : The success of a majority of our bonanza kings can in great measure be attributed to the thoroughnes
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