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Cranbrook City Council : Report on City Council meeting dealing with the Y.M.C.A. proposed building addition for a swimming p
Cranbrook City Council
Windermere District Board of Trade : Newspaper article reporting on the Windermere District Board of Trades council's operations. One of
Windermere District Board of Trade
Herald Building : Purchase of Herald Building by former Tourist Hotel propietor at Bull River.
Herald Building
Fort Steele Band Hall : Newspaper article reporting on a decision to build the Fort Steele Band Hall to house the Brass Band
Fort Steele Band Hall
Kootenay Club : Members of the Kootenay Club at Fort Steele advocating for erection of a new club building.
Kootenay Club
Cranbrook City Council : Reporting on Council Session dealing with ongoing repair work on city streets.
Cranbrook City Council
Charles Howard : On the serious illness of Howard, proprietor of the Herald building.
Charles Howard
Cranbrook Brewery Fire : News article reporting that Cranbrook Brewing Company loses thousands of dollars in accidental fire.
Cranbrook Brewery Fire
New Cafe Fire : Newspaper article reporting on a fire at the New Cafe on Van Horne Street in Cranbrook, with estimat
New Cafe Fire
Waterworks : Newspaper article reporting on the contract for the building of a dam for the Moyie waterworks.
Work On Baker Park : Newspaper article reporting that Baker Park has been cleaned up, and it is a pleasent place to spent
Work On Baker Park
Cranbrook Improvements : On the confidence of residences in the district of Cranbrook by beautifying their homes.
Cranbrook Improvements
The Kuskanook Road : Newspaper article reporting that the boards of trade are pushing for the completion of the southern
The Kuskanook Road
School Expansion : Two propositions being voted on for the expansion of the school.
School Expansion
School Addition : Reporting on the ongoing debate over finding other accomodations to turn into schools versus adding
School Addition
Council Reports : Minutes of council meeting, mostly dealing with idea of airport field being handed over to the city.
Council Reports
New Fire Hall Plans : Reporting the acceptance by Council for new three-stall firehall.
New Fire Hall Plans
Wasa Hotel Burns : Reporting on a fire at the Wasa Hotel. Landmark reduced to an ash heap.
Wasa Hotel Burns
Fording River Coal : Describing property controlled by Imperial Coal and Coke Company.
Fording River Coal
Kimberley-Windermere Road : Newspaper article reporting on construction that may take place on the Kimberley-Windermere road con
Kimberley-Windermere Road
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