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Edmonton Auto Camp : Edmonton auto camp had nearly 1700 people, in 500 cars, visiting so far this summer.
Edmonton Auto Camp
Government Offices : The government offices for East Kootenay, south division, moved from Fort Steele to Cranbrook May 19
Government Offices
Mountain Peaks
Mountain Peaks
Mountain Peaks
Mountain Peaks
2nd Fire Hall : Cranbrook voters to decide in upcoming referendum on public works expenditure for new roads program,
2nd Fire Hall
Park & Pool : Cranbrook City Council had a long regular monthly meeting dealing with park and pool by-law, cost of
Park & Pool
City Council : Cranbrook City Council meeting with a delegation from Slaterville asking for a firm response on the
City Council
Wasa Autoists : Comings and goings of Wasa residents and visitors, all commenting on great shape roads are in and la
Wasa Autoists
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary Club hold weekly luncheon meeting with speech on the great importance of community
Cranbrook Rotary
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary Clubs weekly luncheon with speaker "Dad" Worden telling of his pioneer days in Calg
Cranbrook Rotary
Bull River Autoists : Bull River comings and goings of residents and visitors.
Bull River Autoists
Lumberton Roads : Dry weather has aided in the operations in the woods for hauling logs near Lumberton.
Lumberton Roads
Tourist Park Construction : Cranbrooks' old fire hall has been demolished and lumber used in building ten cabins in the Tourist
Tourist Park Construction
Hatchery Operating : Cranbrook's Rod and Gun Club Hatchery in full swing with more than 100,000 eggs of cut-throat trout
Hatchery Operating
Swimming Weather : Cranbrook sweltering with thermometer at 93 in the shade, and district roads showing signs of wear d
Swimming Weather
Kootenai Water Plant : Water system news
Kootenai Water Plant
Le Roi Mine : Dividend and production report.
Le Roi Mine
Baker Street : Baker Street
Baker Street
South Country Schools: Elko School c.1952
South Country Schools: Elko School c.1952
Mount Bryce August 22nd, 1965
Mount Bryce August 22nd, 1965
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