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Ore Sample Cabinets : Local mining man polishes up ore exhibit displayed at Cranbrook post office building in preparation
Ore Sample Cabinets
65th Birthday : Newspaper excerpt Stewart News - "Peck" Mac Swain, known in virtually every printing office on the P
65th Birthday
Greyhound Bus : Announcing new Greyhound passenger and express service office and waiting room at Cranbrook Hotel, g
Greyhound Bus
Dr. Fergie Lieut.-Gov. : Newspaper exerpt Calgary Herald - Gyro Convention held in Calgary elects Nelson Gyro president at go
Dr. Fergie Lieut.-Gov.
Building Inspections : Provincial district resident architect makes an inspection of post office buildings at Cranbrook and
Building Inspections
Catholic Church : Catholics organizing to build a church.
Catholic Church
Kaslo Telephones : Newspaper
Kaslo Telephones
Kaslo Mail : Newspaper
Kaslo Mail
Kaslo News : Newspaper
Kaslo News
Kaslo News : Newspaper
Kaslo News
Kaslo News : Newspaper
Kaslo News
Mining News And Sanca : Properties packing out ore; town growing.
Mining News And Sanca
City Council : Town business, bills and water system.
City Council
CPR Payroll : Newspaper
CPR Payroll
Kaslo News : News of Kaslo and area - mining, business, baseball, etc.
Kaslo News
Kaslo Growth : Kaslo experiences a building boom.
Kaslo Growth
Kaslo Law Office : Newspaper
Kaslo Law Office
Kaslo Water System Ad : Newspaper advertisement
Kaslo Water System Ad
Telegraphic Strike : Newspaper
Telegraphic Strike
Ainsworth : A short history of the businesses of Ainsworth.
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