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Dave Black : Newspaper excerpt Fernie Free Press - David Black and Thos. Beck join forces in the insurance busine
Dave Black
Cranbrook Construction : Listing all the buildings under construction in Cranbrook at this time.
Cranbrook Construction
Skookumchuck Autoists : Comings and goings of Skookumchuck residents and guest by train, automobile, speeder and horse and w
Skookumchuck Autoists
Burns Block : Cranbrook contractors started work on extensive repairs to Burns & Co. building.
Burns Block
New Government Building : Cranbrooks' Board of Trade secretary was instructed to call the attention of the minister of finance
New Government Building
Government Building Fire : Cranbrook firemen respond to a fire on the roof of the government building probably cause by a spark
Government Building Fire
Unemployment : Cranbrook's unemployment remains acute due to slackness in lumbering trade, hopes of Gold Creek road
City Feeds Indigents : City of Cranbrook continuing to feed indigents although there is a noticeable decrease in their numb
City Feeds Indigents
Gyro Carnival : Kimberley Gyros' officiate as Cranbrook Gyro club officers were inducted into office for the year, t
Gyro Carnival
Cranbrook Brewing Fire : Cranbrook Brewing Company had to call out fire department, when a probable cigarette end dropped thr
Cranbrook Brewing Fire
Tennis : Nightly games of tennis being played on the lawn at Cranbrooks' government office.
Tourist Park : City of Cranbrooks' lights committee reports repairs to wiring in the tourist camp and new lights in
Tourist Park
Post Office : Article asking Cranbrook citizens if they remember when the post office was located in the building
Post Office
Leask Contract : Cranbrook contractor awarded contract to paint Cranbrook and Fernie post offices top to bottom.
Leask Contract
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary delegate returns from attending silver anniversary of Rotary in Chicago, newly elec
Cranbrook Rotary
Tourist Park Double Cabins : Old office at Cranbrooks' tourist camp have been converted into two double cabins.
Tourist Park Double Cabins
Post Office Repair : Cranbrook Post Office building gets general overhauling inside and outside, with carpenter repair wo
Post Office Repair
Dubois Ranch Oats : Kootenay Orchard rancher grows oats after carefully cultivating the soil and proper care.
Dubois Ranch Oats
Taylor : Cranbrook resident appointed district representative in the Intermountain Building and Load Associat
New Elevator And Barns : Cranbrooks' St. Eugene hospital authorities will purchase a modern electric elevator to be installed
New Elevator And Barns
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