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Hanson Garage : Hanson Garage employee brings home a deer.
Hanson Garage
Brother of Mrs. MacKinnon : Mrs. MacKinnon's sister-in-law passes away in Washington while her brother is staying with her recup
Brother of Mrs. MacKinnon
A.E. Jones : A.E. Jones has contract for repairing Crowsnest Cleaners and Dyers, which was damaged by fire.
A.E. Jones
Alberta Rooms : Comfortable and clean hotel with hot and cold water on all floors.
Alberta Rooms
Depot Rooms : Comfortable home for the working man.
Depot Rooms
G.W.V.A. Sells Building : Cranbrook branch G.W.V.A. successful smoker held to thank everyone who helped with Empire Day celebr
G.W.V.A. Sells Building
Cranbrook Ed Ad : See the last of the lost elephants caught exhibited at the Cranbrook Fall Fair, when Charlie Ed will
Cranbrook Ed Ad
Elephant Christening : Cranbrooks' Mayor pours a bottle of champagne on elephants head and declares him to be named Cranbro
Elephant Christening
Legion Building : Cranbrook Canadian Legion expects new building to be finished in two months.
Legion Building
Bishop Blesses Hospital : New Westminsters' Catholic bishop visits and holds services in Cranbrook, Moyie, Fernie and St. Mary
Bishop Blesses Hospital
Ladies Aid To Hospital : Members of the Ladies' Aid of each church in Cranbrook are urged to attend meeting to discuss plans
Ladies Aid To Hospital
Ladies Aid : Cranbrook Ladies' Aid to hold a national tea as a fundraiser to raise money for new hospital.
Ladies Aid
St. Eugene Hospital : Moyie resident returned home from hospital nearly recovered.
St. Eugene Hospital
King, Malcolm B. : Brother of Dr. King purchase business from pioneer store owner.
King, Malcolm B.
Hospital Ball : $250 plus raised at benefit ball for Cranbrooks new hospital, to be turned over to the sisters there
Hospital Ball
Hospital Ladies Aid : Cranbrook ball committee presents the Sisters of the St. Eugene Hospital with $262, then discusses t
Hospital Ladies Aid
Baker House Debate : Ongoing debate over tearing down old Colonel Baker residence or turning it into a historical site.
Baker House Debate
Nurses Remember : St. Eugene Hospital nurses gather to remember the former Cranbrook hospital.
Nurses Remember
Hesperian Sinking : Hesperian hit by torpedo off Irish Coast, 26 passengers and crew supposed to have been lost.
Hesperian Sinking
Ktunaxa Captured : Cranbrook Indians capture three of the stampeded elephants when a woman lured them in with apples.
Ktunaxa Captured
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