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Mount Fisher : Alpinists scale loftiest pinnacle in the range of mountains to the east of the city.
Mount Fisher
Summer Work In The City : Ongoing and completed work carried on by the City, including cemetery improvements and tourist camp
Summer Work In The City
Wasa Airport : Ongoing airport construction work near Ta Ta Creek to be used as an emergency field by the Departmen
Wasa Airport
Corbin Strikers Convicted : 9 strikers get imprisonment after clash with police.
Corbin Strikers Convicted
Wentworth Hotel : Local man pelted swimming mountain lion with rocks to prevent it from coming ashore at his camp.
Wentworth Hotel
EK Voter List : Revised voters list shows increase in voters in Kootenay East.
EK Voter List
Hanging Glaciers Hike : First hand report from ladies who spent holiday on horseback visiting Lake of the Hanging Glacier ne
Hanging Glaciers Hike
Lost Lemon Story : Shedding new light on Lost Lemon gold digging, indicating claim never existed and Lemon murdered his
Lost Lemon Story
Yahk Autoists : Comings and goings of Yahk residents and visitors.
Yahk Autoists
Game In East Kootenay : Historic description by C.M. Edwards.
Game In East Kootenay
Perry Creek Relief Camp : Mayor and other officials visit relief camp on Perry Creek road to inspect men engaged in cutting fi
Perry Creek Relief Camp
Potential of East Kootenay : Newspaper excerpt Vancouver World - describing the rich mining and farming available in East Kootena
Potential of East Kootenay
Cranbrook the Best : Lethbridge Commissioner stating Cranbrook would soon have the best tourist camp on route.
Cranbrook the Best
Kuskanook Park Wanted : Nelson and Creston Boards of Trade states increasing traffic warrants a tourist camp be established
Kuskanook Park Wanted
Tourist Park Interpretation : City of Cranbrook undertaking supervision of auto tourist camp grounds, with noticeable improvements
Tourist Park Interpretation
Spaulding Visit : Tourist commissioner pays visit to Cranbrook showing it would be in Cranbrooks best interests to joi
Spaulding Visit
Cranbrook Gardens : Results of garden competition put on by Cranbrook Junior Chamber of Commerce in order to beautify th
Cranbrook Gardens
City Auto Camp : City Council angered over city motel at Baker Park operated at a loss for four years, although city
City Auto Camp
Cranbrook Cartage : Owners of Cranbrook Cartage and Transfer Co. played key role in development of East Kootenay area.
Cranbrook Cartage
Plungers Club : Newspaper article Cranbrook Plungers Swim Club preparing for summer season of meets.
Plungers Club
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