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Story of "Conflict" : Article summarizing a show that is being put on at the Star Theatre, good against bad.
Story of
Competitor Tourist Park : Reporting on the opening of the "ideal" Tourist Park for the season.
Competitor Tourist Park
C.B.Garrett Cabins : Reporting on the request to supply movable cabins in the municipal tourist camp.
C.B.Garrett Cabins
Council Reports : Minutes of council meeting, mostly dealing with idea of airport field being handed over to the city.
Council Reports
Carlin & Durick : Supplies being sent to logging camp by local business.
Carlin & Durick
Lumber Industry : Logging operations were active during the past winter, with outlook to increase.
Lumber Industry
Lumber Camps : Reporting on end of lumbering operations for the season.
Lumber Camps
Charles Wilson : Reporting on the move of local logging camp personnel to Quebec to start ranching.
Charles Wilson
Lumbering : Article reporting what an important industry lumbering is in the Southeast Kootenay.
Lumbering : Article reporting on the profitable business lumbering has become.
KBM Concentrator at Wild Horse : New mill of Kootenay Base Metals soon ready for test run.
KBM Concentrator at Wild Horse
Aldridge Church Camp : Reporting the proposed establishments of a boys summer camp and a girls summer camp, sponsored by lo
Aldridge Church Camp
Edwards Remembers 1885 : An interesting outlook on progress in our area over the last 14 years by one of the first settlers i
Edwards Remembers 1885
Ammonia Killer Pool : Reporting on one the mysteries of nature found in the Selkirks, a pool whose fumes bring death to ma
Ammonia Killer Pool
St. Eugene Mine : Newspaper excerpt from the Phoenix Pioneer - telling of the purchase of St. Eugene mine for $7000 an
St. Eugene Mine
Tourist Park Open for Season : Cranbrook city Tourist Park opened for the season with renovations and painting done to the cabins.
Tourist Park Open for Season
Women Conquer Mount Evans : First hand account from the first two women that conquered Mount Evans.
Women Conquer Mount Evans
Tourist Park : Tourist Park and Gyro swimming pool such a success, accomodations during July and August were scarce
Tourist Park
Tourist Park : Tourist Park had two new bungalows completed.
Tourist Park
Cranbrook-Kimberley : Cranbrook wins ball game against Kimberley in Kootenay League Series.
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