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Womens Institute : Regular monthy meeting of Cranbrook Women's Institute making arrangements for the comfort and entert
Womens Institute
Methodist Church : Cranbrook Methodist Ladies Aid to hold their Annual Bazaar.
Methodist Church
W.C.T.U. : Newspaper article announcing upcoming meeting to be held for Women's Christian Temperance Union.
Womens Institute : Women's Institute conference started with auto tour to towns around Cranbrook, returning to a banque
Womens Institute
Soldier Rehab : Listing what every disabled soldier should know.
Soldier Rehab
Capt. Henshaw Lecture : Capt. Henshaw to give an illustrated lecture on "The Fields of France" including experience in conva
Capt. Henshaw Lecture
War Letter : Letter from soldier at the front describing uncertainty of life in war.
War Letter
War Letter : Letter from Major Reverend Canon Shatford to Senator Foster asking conditions of things politically
War Letter
Farmers Exemptions : Final Court of Appeal declares it is essential that Agriculture Production not be diminished by farm
Farmers Exemptions
Womens Institute Parcels : Thank you letters from boys on the front who received care parcels from Canbrook Women's Institute.
Womens Institute Parcels
Halifax Disaster Funds : Acknowledging donations to Halifax Disaster Fund.
Halifax Disaster Funds
Nigel Thompson : Private Thompson of Cranbrook was able to spend a few days at home.
Nigel Thompson
H. G. Morris : Mr. Morris, manual training teacher to spend Christmas holidays at the Coast.
H. G. Morris
Chinese Discrimination : Figures from Parliament fiscal year of 1898-9 showing revenue derived from Chinese poll-tax.
Chinese Discrimination
The Chinese Scare : London England invaded by a host of Chinese laundrymen.
The Chinese Scare
Italian Stereotyping : According to Marchesa "What Girl Life in Italy means" with no flirting or love unless it will lead t
Italian Stereotyping
Chinese Servants : Those who talk against the employment of Chinese as house servants know very little about the subjec
Chinese Servants
Chinese Discrimination : Grand Forks Sun - open door of far east should not be closed until all the Orientals get home. Anot
Chinese Discrimination
Italian Spending : Illustration of different ways in which foreigners regard money, comparing a gang of Swedes and Ital
Italian Spending
Chinese Exclusion : Newspaper excerpt Moyie Leader - Moyie is a clean, pretty and prosperous town, but as they have only
Chinese Exclusion
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