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Tourist Park Construction : Cranbrooks' old fire hall has been demolished and lumber used in building ten cabins in the Tourist
Tourist Park Construction
Pool Construction : Cranbrooks youth eagerly watching progress made by workmen in construction of the swimming pool in B
Pool Construction
Tourist Park Comment : Travellers to Cranbrook praise the tourist camp and swimming pool as one of the finest in the west.
Tourist Park Comment
Tourist Park : City of Cranbrooks' lights committee reports repairs to wiring in the tourist camp and new lights in
Tourist Park
Tourist Park Double Cabins : Old office at Cranbrooks' tourist camp have been converted into two double cabins.
Tourist Park Double Cabins
Gyro Pool : Cranbrook tourist park cabin rentals were full almost every night, even though attendance was down f
Gyro Pool
Front Painted : Cranbrook painter and decorator brightens and improves store front of F. Park and Company.
Front Painted
Gyro & CPR Softball : Cranbrook hosts softball game with Gyro's against C.P.R., with Gyros winning the game and a chicken
Gyro & CPR Softball
Letter Of Complaint : Letter to editor asking for a "life saver" to take over care of Cranbrooks' new swimming pool after
Letter Of Complaint
Kaslo News : Mining news and promotion; Kaslo's first park.
Kaslo News
Kaslo Council : Newspaper
Kaslo Council
Marysville News : People and events.
Marysville News
Buffalo : Newspaper excerpt Rossland Miner
Trail People : Various Trail citizens.
Trail People
Deer Park : An expansive description of Deer Park before development.
Deer Park
Deer Park : Mineral discoveries and prelude to development.
Deer Park
Deer Park Gold : Mining excitement at Deer Park with strong gold veins reported.
Deer Park Gold
Mining Notes : Comings and goings in the mining sector along with business developments.
Mining Notes
Mrs. Anderson : Travels to Deer Park and works on claim.
Mrs. Anderson
Trail News : Business changes and new growth in Trail and Rossland.
Trail News
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