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Trail Sewage : Spring announcement of clean-up.
Trail Sewage
Transportation Notes : Notes regarding expansion and changes of transportation routes and facilities.
Transportation Notes
Walsh Ad : Trail engineer and architect
Walsh Ad
Waterloo Claim : Claim development and bonding of same.
Waterloo Claim
Waterloo Landing : Promotional piece on mining claims and townsite.
Waterloo Landing
Wolverine Mine : Chartering of the Wolverine Gold Mining Company, Ltd.
Wolverine Mine
Assay Ad : Robbins and Long assaying in Rossland.
Assay Ad
Col. Lowry : Bashing the New Denver Ledge.
Col. Lowry
P. Burns Ad : Lists the P. Burns butcher shops in the Kootenays.
P. Burns Ad
Smallpox Ad : Advertisement setting out the statutory requirements regarding smallpox.
Smallpox Ad
Trail Fires : Hendee's photo studio burns, school on fire and Lookout Mountain raging.
Trail Fires
Transportation Ad : Newspaper advertisement of revised transportation schedule for the Columbia and Kootenay Steam Navig
Transportation Ad
Urquhart Bros. Ad : Trail dealer in wines and spirits.
Urquhart Bros. Ad
Monte Carlo : Promotion of the mining camp at Waterloo Landing and change of name to Monte Carlo.
Monte Carlo
Railroads : Promotion of Heinze's efforts to build a railway through the Boundary to Penticton.
British Investors : British money being brought into Columbia and Western railway construction by Heinze.
British Investors
Deer Park : Deer Park is booming with businesses and mining claim development.
Deer Park
Waterloo : Waterloo townsite is heating up with the staking of the Columbia River claim.
Bealey Ad : R. J. Bealey has real estate and mining brokerage offices in Trail and Rossland.
Bealey Ad
Brickyard Ad : Trail brickyard on road to Rossland.
Brickyard Ad
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