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Alan Graham, Barrister : Alan Graham, Barrister and Solicitor, with offices in Cranbrook and Kimberley.
Alan Graham, Barrister
Henry Voisey : Cranbrook painter and decorator, also district agent for Kootenay Marble & Granite Works.
Henry Voisey
Patricia Cafe : Patricia Cafe and Confectionery offering food from soda fountain sundae to Sunday dinner.
Patricia Cafe
Music Lessons Ad : Teacher of violins and theory to be in Cranbrook for two days.
Music Lessons Ad
Gyro Pool Ticket Ad : Cranbrook Gyro Swimming Pool Carnival Ticket - good for one free dance, and possibility of winning o
Gyro Pool Ticket Ad
First Ad for Pool : Reminding people not to forget upcoming Gyro carnival and opening of huge outdoor swimming pool with
First Ad for Pool
Byng Hotel : Byng Hotel urges visiting baseball teams to stay there in the upcoming season.
Byng Hotel
Canadian Hotel : Cranbrooks' Canadian Hotel is the workingman's place of recreation during the holidays.
Canadian Hotel
Cranbrook Hotel : Cranbrook Hotel where visitors enjoy their stay, building renovated throughout.
Cranbrook Hotel
Mount Baker : Holler yourself hoarse at upcoming baseball games, a night at Cranbrooks' Mount Baker Hotel will res
Mount Baker
Venezia Hotel : Before or after the baseball game, stop at Cranbrooks' Venezia Hotel, comfortable beds to sleep in.
Venezia Hotel
Cameron & Sang : Cranbrook tobaccoists want you to stock up on pure Havana cigars before the game, you'll even forgiv
Cameron & Sang
B. Weston Store : Cranbrook businessman to open new store on Baker Street.
B. Weston Store
Carnival Ad : Cranbrook Gyros' Swimming Pool Carnival, official opening of Canada's biggest outdoor swimming pool.
Carnival Ad
Cross Keys Hotel : Cranbrooks' new store opening for business with guaranteed merchandise at a store that sells for les
Cross Keys Hotel
Rexall Ad : Cranbrook Drug Store urging people to try the new Gyro Pool and to go to them for bathing supplies.
Rexall Ad
Carnival Thank You : Cranbrook Gyro Club wish to thank all those who assisted in any way to the success of their recent c
Carnival Thank You
Garrett Ad : Advertisement for Cranbrook Taxidermist.
Garrett Ad
Patricia Ad : Cranbrook cafe and confectionery offering real summer food to city, district and tourist trade.
Patricia Ad
Cranbrook Ladies Liberal Association : Cranbrook Ladies' Liberal Association formed a campaign committee and has headquarter rooms open dai
Cranbrook Ladies Liberal Association
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