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B. Weston Store : Cranbrook businessman to open new store on Baker Street.
B. Weston Store
Cross Keys Hotel : Cranbrooks' new store opening for business with guaranteed merchandise at a store that sells for les
Cross Keys Hotel
Rexall Ad : Cranbrook Drug Store urging people to try the new Gyro Pool and to go to them for bathing supplies.
Rexall Ad
Post Office : Article asking Cranbrook citizens if they remember when the post office was located in the building
Post Office
Cranbrook Ladies Liberal Association : Cranbrook Ladies' Liberal Association formed a campaign committee and has headquarter rooms open dai
Cranbrook Ladies Liberal Association
Jackson Block : Cranbrook Trading Company almost ready to move into nearly completed building with all the furnishin
Jackson Block
Jackson Building : Cranbrook Alderman has a door and two windows, and is planning a building to fit them.
Jackson Building
Cranbrook Trading Company : Huge line of groceries on display at Cranbrook Trading Company's new store, with everything required
Cranbrook Trading Company
Pool Record : Sixteen year old Cranbrook boy sets record at Gyro pool swimming over two and a third miles in 1 hr
Pool Record
Fire Takes Morley Building : The once prosperous town of Moyie threatened by fire, which destroyed a number of buildings includin
Fire Takes Morley Building
Gyro Pool : Cranbrook tourist park cabin rentals were full almost every night, even though attendance was down f
Gyro Pool
Front Painted : Cranbrook painter and decorator brightens and improves store front of F. Park and Company.
Front Painted
Cosmopolitan Repairs : Cranbrook Cosmopolitan Hotel, which was seriously damaged by fire, has been put back to its original
Cosmopolitan Repairs
Cranbrook Trading Moves In : New grocery store to open in Cranbrook and will run on a cash basis.
Cranbrook Trading Moves In
Letter Of Complaint : Letter to editor asking for a "life saver" to take over care of Cranbrooks' new swimming pool after
Letter Of Complaint
Bought Lester Clapp : Old time Cranbrook resident visits on his return trip from Nova Scotia to his home in Trail.
Bought Lester Clapp
Son Charles Publishes History : Former Cranbrook boy, who through complications from measles is blind, is now a college professor at
Son Charles Publishes History
Vincent Shopping For Fashions : Cranbrook mother and son visit Washington and Oregon centres to see a number of fall and winter fash
Vincent Shopping For Fashions
John H. Fink Obituary : Pioneer of East and West Kootenays dies in Cranbrook after years of suffering after a automobile str
John H. Fink Obituary
Site for New Store : McBride looking at Kaslo.
Site for New Store
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