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Pool & Park Bylaw : Urging Cranbrook citizens to vote "yes" for upcoming vote proposing a bylaw to permit the establishm
Pool & Park Bylaw
Park & Pool Bylaw : Urging Cranbrook taxpayers to vote in favor of park bylaw, to enable children to have a swimming poo
Park & Pool Bylaw
Pool Bylaw Passes : Cranbrook taxpayers vote 3 to 1 in favor of establishing playground and swimming pool for children.
Pool Bylaw Passes
Cranbrook Development : Newspaper excerpt Nelson News - annual review on Cranbrook and district.
Cranbrook Development
City Council : Cranbrook City Council meeting with a delegation from Slaterville asking for a firm response on the
City Council
Cranbrook City Council : Cranbrook City Council attends to routine business transactions, with remarkable feature of a ratepa
Cranbrook City Council
Cranbrook Swimming Pool : Newspaper article Cranbrook's swimming pool under construction with deepening of creek channel and f
Cranbrook Swimming Pool
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary Club's luncheon meeting included secretary of the "Y" speech on the importance to n
Cranbrook Rotary
New Park : Cranbrook City Council ordered the purchase of 3 lots on which to build the new park.
New Park
Cranbrook Theatres : Listing upcoming shows being played at Cranbrooks' Auditorium and Edison Theatre.
Cranbrook Theatres
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary Club weekly luncheon with speaker discussing a conference he attended in Vancouver
Cranbrook Rotary
Gyro Pool : Cranbrook Gyro Club intends to donate $5,000 to construction of swimming pool in Baker Park.
Gyro Pool
Gyro Pool : Cranbrook Gyro Club sponsoring the construction of a modern swimming pool in Baker Park, proceeds fr
Gyro Pool
City Council Report : Cranbrook City Council monthly meeting proved to be a lengthy session dealing with continuing freezi
City Council Report
Gyros & Rotary : Two Cranbrook organizations, the Gyros and Rotarians, have been devoting their time to rehearsing up
Gyros & Rotary
Tourist Park : Cranbrook demolishing old firehall and salvaged lumber will be used in construction of ten cabins in
Tourist Park
Clearing for Pool : Lumber from Cranbrooks' old firehall being used for building ten cabins in municipal tourist camp an
Clearing for Pool
City Given Cash : Meeting of Cranbrook Gyro Club announces the will give $4,000 to city council to defray primary cost
City Given Cash
Fire Hall Recycling : Cranbrooks' old firehall now just a memory and timbers from its building being rapidly used to build
Fire Hall Recycling
Construction : Excavating for Cranbrook's new swimming pool at Baker Park being pushed ahead rapidly, proposed open
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