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Gaggin Re Cox : Microfilm reel B-1330 - letter to Colonial Secretary informing that Mr. Cox will not be leaving for
Gaggin Re Cox
Gold Export Tax : Microfilm Reel B-1317 - letter from colonial secretary's office informing them a duty on the export
Gold Export Tax
Trail Reserve : Microfilm Reel B-1317 letter from Colonial Secretary's office - confirming Mr. Dewdneys' suggestion
Trail Reserve
Hesperian Sinking : Hesperian hit by torpedo off Irish Coast, 26 passengers and crew supposed to have been lost.
Hesperian Sinking
German Denial : Germany say to have proof that Hesperian was destroyed by a mine, not by one of their submarines.
German Denial
Chinese Laundry : Chinese laundryman busts contract for doing laundry for $4 a month, asking for $1 a week.
Chinese Laundry
Drs. King & Green : Physicians and Surgeons office hours.
Drs. King & Green
Kootenay Golf Club : Meeting held to form a golf club with first class links laid out and adopted the name "The Kootenay
Kootenay Golf Club
Government Offices : The government offices for East Kootenay, south division, moved from Fort Steele to Cranbrook May 19
Government Offices
Perry Creek : Perry Creek Hydraulic Mining Co. offering shares in their operation, stating they have millions of t
Perry Creek
McIntyre & Erickson : Jewellery, engraving and repairs, as well as sheet music and musical supplies.
McIntyre & Erickson
A.W. Bleasdell : Newspaper excerpt Fernie Ledge - A.W. Bleasdell to move into post office block and once his fixtures
A.W. Bleasdell
James Ryan Interview : Newspaper interview with one of the best known men in Cranbrook, a pioneer of the town and for sever
James Ryan Interview
R.E. Beattie Interview : Cranbrooks first and present postmaster and owner of Beattie & Atcheson drug store.
R.E. Beattie Interview
Eneas Small Interview : Newspaper interview Eneas Small left PEI to move to British Columbia to see the place where men were
Eneas Small Interview
King & Green Offices : One of Cranbrooks old buildings which housed the first medical clinic was demolished, but remembered
King & Green Offices
Cranbrook - Firsts : Detailing some of the important events of Cranbrooks history.
Cranbrook - Firsts
Cranbrook - Firsts : Detailing first things in Cranbrook, from first building to first baby born.
Cranbrook - Firsts
Herald Reports On CPR Progress : Reporting on progress of C.P.R. in rebuilding their railway and yards in Fernie after the big fire t
Herald Reports On CPR Progress
Council Elections : Cranbrook city election results in a major victory for new mayor Bowness and his aldermen.
Council Elections
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