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Montana Restaurant Ad : Cranbrooks' Montana Restaurant selling cigars, cigarettes and candy, with meals at ALL hours.
Montana Restaurant Ad
Star Theatre : Official opening announcement for Cranbrooks' new Star Theatre.
Star Theatre
Diamond Jubilee Hospital : Fort Steele Diamond Jubilee Hospital opens new wing and ready for patients.
Diamond Jubilee Hospital
Family Living Editor : Editor of Cranbrook Couriers' Family Living and Community Affairs.
Family Living Editor
Star Theatre & Binnings Studio : Cranbrooks' Star theatre may be purchased by Mr. Rogers, who owns three theatres in Lethbridges. Cr
Star Theatre & Binnings Studio
Canadian Bank of Commerce : Cranbrook branch Canadian Bank of Commerce with general banking business transacted and deposits rec
Canadian Bank of Commerce
Cenotaph & Wasa Hotel : Cranbrook Veterans sprucing up their club grounds and building and planting walks around memorial. W
Cenotaph & Wasa Hotel
Park Bylaw Cost Table : List of random property holders taxes from Cranbrook City Hall, and what the proposed park will add
Park Bylaw Cost Table
Pool & Park Bylaw : Urging Cranbrook citizens to vote "yes" for upcoming vote proposing a bylaw to permit the establishm
Pool & Park Bylaw
Live Goats Ad : Live Rocky Mountain Goats wanted for zoological purposes.
Live Goats Ad
Assay Office : Fort Steele Assay Office gold, silver, copper, lead, etc. at prices to suit the times.
Assay Office
Charles Estmere : Moyie Townsite Company office offers a draughtsman and blue printer.
Charles Estmere
CM Keep Bank : Exchange Safe Deposit Co. offering cash paid for gold dust, exchanges bought and collections handled
CM Keep Bank
Assay Office : Fort Steele Assay Office, with assayers and chemists.
Assay Office
Cranbrook Board Of Trade : Upcoming annual meeting of the Cranbrook Board of Trade asking for large attendance of members and a
Cranbrook Board Of Trade
GWVA Hall : Cranbrooks' G.W.V.A. offers their hall for rent, suitable for dances, meetings, social gatherings an
Gyro Club : Cranbrook Gyro Clubs upcoming musical comedy "Mad Capers" with proceeds to the swimming pool.
Gyro Club
Cranbrook City Liberal Association : Upcoming Annual Meeting of Cranbrook City Liberal Association to elect officers.
Cranbrook City Liberal Association
Mad Capers Ad : Cranbrook Gyro Club musical comedy "Mad Capers" will feature 50 beautiful girls in gorgeous costumes
Mad Capers Ad
Patricia Cafe : Patricia Cafe and Confectionery offering on sale the most tempting special they ever offered, a poun
Patricia Cafe
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