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Insurance Ad : for John "Hutch" Hutchison.
Insurance Ad
Coal Strike : Coal strike heats up with legal action.
Coal Strike
Trail Development : CPR to boom a new townsite additional to Trail.
Trail Development
Trail Real Estate : Real estate action in Trail.
Trail Real Estate
Deer Park : An expansive description of Deer Park before development.
Deer Park
Mining Notes : Mining claim sales and prospecting around Trail.
Mining Notes
Mining Notes : Comings and goings in the mining sector along with business developments.
Mining Notes
Monte Carlo Townsite : Good description of the proposed townsite near Champion Creek with discussion of the claims thereto.
Monte Carlo Townsite
Waterloo Landing : Promotional piece on mining claims and townsite.
Waterloo Landing
Monte Carlo : Promotion of the mining camp at Waterloo Landing and change of name to Monte Carlo.
Monte Carlo
Waterloo : Waterloo townsite is heating up with the staking of the Columbia River claim.
Waterloo Notes : Newspaper excerpt Waterloo Growler.
Waterloo Notes
Brooklyn History : A good write-up on Brooklyn.
Brooklyn History
Brooklyn : The townsite is growing and construction is proceeding on the Columbia & Western Railway.
Brooklyn : Brooklyn is growing rapidly.
Brooklyn Townsite : Developments and fraud.
Brooklyn Townsite
Cascade City : Description of the present and future prospects of Cascade City.
Cascade City
Brooklyn Development : Brooklyn is expanding fast, with all the conveniences of Liquor, prostitution and business.
Brooklyn Development
Deer Park : Deer Park real estate
Deer Park
Quick History of the Lumber Industry : An article by Nancy Miles on the evolution of the lumber industry in East Kootenay up to 1955. Brie
Quick History of the Lumber Industry
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