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English Clubmen : British laws give men the right to band themselves together for social purposes, and Canadians are j
English Clubmen
Chinese Discrimination : A Nelson gent pledges on his honor that he heard a Chinaman singing an Irish Jacobite song.
Chinese Discrimination
Potter & Roberts Creditors : First meeting of the creditors to the firm Potter & Roberts to be held in the Hanson block.
Potter & Roberts Creditors
Bankruptcy Notice : Newspaper notice of bankruptcy for the Cranbrook Cartage and Transfer Company and its owners.
Bankruptcy Notice
Consolidated Company Offices : Consolidated Company to build a new office building at their Crow's Nest workings, about halfway bet
Consolidated Company Offices
Trail Post Office : Trail post office put under new classification, with postmaster receiving salary of $2280 per year.
Trail Post Office
Rod & Gun Club Report : Annual banquet and election of officers held during meeting of Cranbrooks Rod & Gun Club, with recom
Rod & Gun Club Report
Kimberleys Post Office : Kimberley's new post office opened to public.
Kimberleys Post Office
McQuaid Retirement : After 55 years of service to the Canadian Bank of Commerce, Mr. McQuaid retires.
McQuaid Retirement
McQuaid Leaves : Chairman of better business methods committee associated with Cranbrook Rotary expresses best wishes
McQuaid Leaves
Indian Agents : Long time resident of Fort Steele is a candidate to be appointed an Indian agent, with his long time
Indian Agents
Coyote Bounty : From May 1st to October 31st 73 coyote pelts were presented to Cranbrook government office for a bou
Coyote Bounty
Post Office Caretaker : Cranbrooks' Post Office caretaker back to work after being off several days due to illness.
Post Office Caretaker
Secretarys Report : Cranbrook Veterans Association's secretary summarizes activities and good works done by the G.W.V.A.
Secretarys Report
Harness Maker and Shoe Repair : Boot, shoe and harness maker, also repairing old shoes.
Harness Maker and Shoe Repair
Drs. King & Green : Office hours and location of Cranbrook Physicians and Surgeons.
Drs. King & Green
Cenotaph Move : Cranbrooks Veterans monument moved to new site.
Cenotaph Move
Dr. King : Office location of physician and surgeon.
Dr. King
Osoyoos House : Microfilm Reel B-1317 correspondence from Colonial Secretary authorizing renovations on Osoyoos Hous
Osoyoos House
Trail Condition Survey Ordered : Microfilm Reel B1317 - correspondence authorizing surveying and estimate of cost to repair trail fro
Trail Condition Survey Ordered
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