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J. Martinos Wardner Merchant : Wardner merchant in Cranbrook for a load of supplies he sells in his home town and neighboring towns
J. Martinos Wardner Merchant
Mrs. Fyles : Cranbrook woman arrives home after spending six weeks with daughter whose husband passed away.
Mrs. Fyles
Townsite Office : Townsite Office employee went home to Penticton for holidays.
Townsite Office
British Loyalty : Newspaper letter to editor - regarding foreigners moving to other countries and not getting naturali
British Loyalty
Local Colour : Reprinting letter sent to friend informing him of the death of Chinamen due to opium.
Local Colour
Doukhobor Discrimination : No loyalty to the Empire was heard from Doukhobors when a call was made for volunteers to fight, the
Doukhobor Discrimination
John Reid : Obituary of long time resident and businessman from Fort Steele, Cranbrook and Kimberley.
John Reid
Candy Box Ad : Advertisement for new candy store now open.
Candy Box Ad
Cafe & Re-decoration : Cosmopolitan transformed the bar and barber shop into an up to date cafe as well as repainting exter
Cafe & Re-decoration
Spaulding Visit : Tourist commissioner pays visit to Cranbrook showing it would be in Cranbrooks best interests to joi
Spaulding Visit
Tourist Park Marketing : Article stating both side of the issue of Cranbrook withdrawing from the Tourist Association and adv
Tourist Park Marketing
Residential Homes : Reporting on construction of many homes going up in residential district.
Residential Homes
Schooling : Newspaper excerpt Grand Forks Gazette - school inspector brought a lady teacher into Grand Forks aft
South Ward School : Meeting of Cranbrook Rotarians voted a sum to the Cranbrook Boy Scout Association for alterations t
South Ward School
Cranbrook Gardens : Results of garden competition put on by Cranbrook Junior Chamber of Commerce in order to beautify th
Cranbrook Gardens
Elections : Cranbrook War Veterans Assocation elects new officers.
Womens Auxilliary By-Laws : Cranbrook Women's Auxilliary to the Great War Veterans Association adopted by-laws for how the organ
Womens Auxilliary By-Laws
Leitch Sisters Reunion : Sisters reunited 41 years after being separated after Frank slide disaster killed their parents and
Leitch Sisters Reunion
Cockwells Furniture : Newspaper article continually expanding furniture store keeps pace with needs of public.
Cockwells Furniture
Hindus to Honduras : Newspaper article Hindus being shipped from British Columbia to British Honduras to build railways.
Hindus to Honduras
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